Sitka Mountain Gear in GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Now Available!

Sitka GearThe 2009 Sitka Mountain Gear performance layering system of hunting clothes now features the revolutionary GORE OPTIFADE Concealment camouflage, a first-of-its-kind hunting camouflage pattern based on how deer and other hoofed animals see. Also, the extremely effective multi-season camo, Mountain Mimicry is still available. Build using technologies from the mountaineering industry, Sitka Mountain Gear is sure to improve your hunt. By utilizing performance driven fabrics and construction techniques in a true layering system, Sitka Gear excels in the most diverse and challenging range of hunting conditions.

This is awesome and painful at the sametime! Now you can view it online, but the wait for the shipment continues…

You can pre-order the Sitka Mountain Gear in GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Sitka Gear.

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