Those of who venture into the back country alone or with friends do so because it gets us away from the world and it reminds us all how beautiful the world is and how small we are.  For many of us, venturing into the wild keeps us grounded as to who we are as people and it is just as important to go into the wild as it is to get up in the morning, to eat and to sleep. These trips are incredibly important to me and to the members of our Pro Staff.  Each and every one of us carries a SPOT Messenger into the wilds with us.  We want to get away, we also want to know where we have been, and we want to know that if the stuff hits the fan and we get hurt out there…We can push that magic button and someone is coming to get us.

You have to enter this promotional code when you sign up for your service package and I recommend signing up for the two year commitment to bring your yearly rates down.

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