Spring Bear Hunt with Disabled Hunter

IMG959420The Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association had such an incredible time with their disabled hunters in Idaho and Montana this year. Jake got a great bear in Idaho and although Phillip was unable to score a bruin in Wyoming I think he learned a great deal about hunting bears and just really loved getting out and about.

To top that off they installed 8 Bear Proof containers in the Dubois area of Wyoming. The project was a cooperative effort between YCBHA and The Wyoming Game and fish with monies to purchase the bear boxes provided by YCBHA.

YCBA Bear Box

A little background on the Jake Simmons hunt in Idaho.  Jake reached out to Jason Matzinger of Into High Country TV and he got in touch with YCBA to put this hunt together for Jake Simmons out of Nampa, ID.  Such a wonderful experience and a dream come true for Jake as his Idol is Jason Matzinger!

YCBHA Joe Kondelis Jason Matzinger Disable Bear HuntYCBA had a bunch of great volunteers that made this successful and Jason Matzinger documented entire hunt for a special he is doing on bear hunting.

As usual YCBA would be lost without all their great volunteers and Joe Kondelis (President of YCBA) would like to express their deepest gratitude to all of you who help give us the opportunities to do these great things.

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