Sunday Hunting Update

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This is more info for those that are interested in the Sunday Hunting debate (one way or the other).

A bill, just introduced by Sen. Chap Petersen (D) to allow Sunday hunting on private land:


Sen Phil Pucket (D) introduced a bill that would completely lift the Sunday ban:

Sen. Ralph Northam (D) and Sen. Wagner (R) introduced a bill identical to Sen Pucket’s.

The bills will come up for a vote in committee within the next week or two, three at most.
There are 15 people on the Senate Ag committee – 8 are required to vote in favor of one of the bills in order to lift the ban.
Three of the eight are already certain (the three Democrats above).

The bills will almost certainly first go to a subcommittee of maybe 5-7 people.  That’s where the real fight happens. In subcommittee, you have to convince only 3 or 4 people to vote your way.
The trick is to find out who’s on the fence by talking to them, and get groups and people to contact the key Senators by face to face, phone, email. They especially listen to people in their districts.
Once you get through committee, it gets a lot easier.  If nothing else, letting them know you appreciate him putting in the bill will encourage them to keep at it.

We’ve heard that its worth taking a day off work to go the General Assembly building to lobby. If you decide to do that, It can be more effective if you call ahead to get appointments and prepare a one page summary of the bill and why you support it to leave behind.  A few people at the right moment can make the difference between passage and failure in Richmond.

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