SuperTag sales top $180,000

Montana Fish Wildlife Parks - FWPMontana Fish, Wildlife & Parks sold a combined 36,042 chances in the SuperTag drawing for moose, sheep and goat hunts in Montana this fall, raising $180,200 for law enforcement and the state’s hunter access program.

A Bellevue, Wash., hunter won the drawing for a bighorn sheep tag, which was conducted earlier this week at the agency’s Helena headquarters.

The tag allows Henry Valentine to hunt a bighorn sheep in any Montana sheep hunting district. Valentine purchased 20 chances, according to Hank Worsech, licensing bureau chief for FWP.

Hunters bought 20,304 chances for the sheep SuperTag.

Ian Weaver of Fredericksburg, Ohio, won the goat SuperTag. He bought five chances in the drawing. There were 5,801 chances sold for the goat SuperTag.

Montana hunter Larry Martin of Clinton won the moose SuperTag. He bought five chances out of the 9,937 chances sold.

Last year, all three SuperTag winners were from Montana.

The odds of winning a moose, bighorn sheep or mountain goat SuperTag are about 1 in 15,000, according to FWP officials.

Each year, Montana attracts nearly 56,000 applications for about 1,000 mountain goat, moose and bighorn sheep hunting licenses awarded through annual special drawings.

While those coveted licenses must be used in a specified hunting district, SuperTag winners can hunt in any district in Montana where seasons are established for the big game species identified on the license.

Hunters have until July 30 to purchase chances for elk, deer, bison, antelope and mountain lion SuperTag hunting licenses.

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