Scent Prevention

If you would like to learn some bow setup techniques, stay tuned as I will post some good videos that I have found. As it is a little better to see and follow it visually, rather than read text.

This video is on “Scent Prevention – The System.” Check out the short video below. Join Anthony and Aneal from BowCast as they talk about scent prevention and the system you should apply before and during hunting activities in the field.

Here is a great follow-up article to this posted by Josh Fletcher on

Don’t be Cam Shy!

 Elite Archery

The Elite Archery line is an incredible bow line that most archers are unaware of as they do not mass advertise; they only do it by word of mouth. I have my sights on an older Aigil or a new GT500 for next season.

This was a great interview, with one of the best bow engineers in the world. Some of you may know who Kevin is and some of you may not. But, after listening to this podcast, you will know he definitely knows what he is doing.

Do you know the how and why a cam works on your bow? Do different draw lengths mean different string lengths? What does a hot rod engine have to do with a compound bow cam? Anthony and Aneal are joined by Kevin Strother, who is a bow designer and consultant to Elite Archery. Kevin shares his over 25 years of experience designing bows and cams to answer some very common questions about how our bows really work for us (and sometimes against us!). He also reviews the 2009 Elite Archery lineup and covers the differences in each bow and what went into each individual design.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Archery Form


This is a great little 2 minute clip an on suggested form for shooting a bow. Anthony Dixon from Full Moon Productions talks about proper starting position and shooting form.