MT Drawing Application Deadline

The deadlines to apply for FWP’s special license drawings are May 1 for bison, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat; and June 1 for elk, deer and antelope.

Applying for special big game hunting permits and licenses is a lot easier these days for the growing number of hunters who apply online at .   Click “ Apply for a Permit or License .”

In ternet applicants receive instant confirmation that their applications are accepted and accurate. To avoid the one slip-up that can’t be detected, applicants should double check their desired hunting district numbers before and after entering them. Once submitted, the application can’t be changed.

Applicants will need a MasterCard or Visa credit card. A convenience fee of $1.25, plus two percent of the total purchase, will be added to the purchase price.

F or those who don’t own a computer, Internet access is available at Montana’s 80 public libraries and 30 branch public libraries. Paper applications are available at all FWP offices and from most license providers.

Additional information about FWP’s $5 SuperTag lottery is also available online on FWP’s SuperTag Web page. The SuperTag chances are available for bison, moose, sheep, mountain goat, deer, elk, antelope, and mountain lion hunts.

Apply for Idaho Controlled Hunts



The application period for Idaho Fish and Game’s early application contest for 2009 deer, elk, pronghorn and black bear and turkey continues through June 5.

Hunters must have a 2009 Idaho hunting license to apply for controlled hunts at any hunting and fishing license vendor, Fish and Game office; with a credit card by calling 1-800-55HUNT5 or 1-800-824-3729; or online at An additional fee is charged for telephone and Internet applications.

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