Killer Hike For A Backpacker

Backpacker Cover - October 2010

This is an article is written by a die-hard backpacker, first time hunter, Bruce Barcott, who lives in Colorado.  The article is on page 60 of the October 2010 issue of Backpacker magazine. The gist of the article is on how a hiker/backpacker sees the backcountry through hunters’ eyes hears with his ears and smells with his nose!

There were quite a few points that Bruce brought up that resonated well with me.  For instance, he pointed out the difference between those outdoor people who shop at REI and those who shop at Cabela’s.  Although, I do shop at both stores but it is very minimal and usually last minute items.  I found it VERY interesting that he felt that Ted Nugent was much closer to the truth than the PETA Rep on the principals of hunting.  I also found it surprising on how he said that the hunter was more “in tuned” with land and animals, than he himself the hiker. This was defined in viewing of tracks, paths and such that normally he would just pass by. [Read more…]