100 Years Are Being Erased

100 Years Are Being Erased

100 Years Are Being Erased

Next week is the deadline for public comments for Montana’s wolf season.  You may not live in Montana, but this message is very important for all sportsmen in America.

While Idaho has begun efforts to reduce wolf populations, wolf numbers in Montana continue to increase. Defenders of Wildlife has announced a significant newspaper ad campaign in Montana’s Missoulian newspaper.  The ad declares in part that “Wolves Improve the Health of Herds and Habitat.”  In fact, it appears that DOW has raised $40,000 for this campaign.  To see more on this ad campaign visit:

As you are aware, Big Game Forever was built to counter grass roots efforts to undermine our right to hunt and fish.  In that vein, Big Game Forever will also run a major newspaper ad campaign this weekend in many Montana Newspapers.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 to share the facts about what unmanaged wolves have meant for Montana.   Here is a copy of our ad:


This ad will be two-full pages and will run in seven different newspapers across the state of Montana. Total readership for these 7 papers is 400,000 people.  Help support the Big Game Forever newspaper ad campaign by donating today at: http://biggameforever.org/how-you-can-help.php  [Read more…]

Major Developments in Wolf Management Efforts

Big Game ForeverBold Prediction on Nationwide Wolf Proliferation by Peterson’s Hunting Journal Wolves are the focus of the latest edition of Peterson’s hunting Journal  The magazine did a great job on the topic.  One bold prediction by Editor Mike Schoby who has watched the wolf debate from the last 17 years.  Here is the quote:  “My prediction?  In the next decade the wolf debate the wolf debate will no longer be centered around the West and upper Midwest, it will be a coast-to-coast issue, with deer being pulled down from Pennsylvania to California.”  The issue is worth the read.  Find a copy April/May 2012 Peterson’s Hunting Journal on a newsstand near you. [Read more…]

Idaho Protected the Right to hunt, Fish and Trap

Big Game Forever

Yesterday, Idaho’s legislature passed a bill to place a “right to hunt” constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2012. Given the efforts to undermine the North American Wildlife Model in Idaho and in many other states, the timing of this constitutional amendment couldn’t be more critical. Governor Otter is expected to sign this bill into law in the next few weeks. [Read more…]

ECWSF Heads to Higher Country

Entrance to the ECWSF Expo

We attended the Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation (ECWSF) Expo this past weekend. Preliminary numbers show that once again the expo was a success in generating good numbers for the Wild Sheep Foundation.

For those of you that were not familiar with some of the auction items, I have listed the last 3 items auctioned below and funds generated: [Read more…]

Wolf Delisting News

Big Game Forever

Big Game Forever Supporters,
There is more big news for the Northern Rockies and Western Great Lakes on wolf delisting.  Yesterday, May 5, 2011, US Fish and Wildlife Service announced finalization of wolf delisting of the Northern Rockies (not including Wyoming) and also the Western Great Lakes (after a public comment period).  The decision to delist is based on overwhealming consensus that: (1) gray wolves are recovered; and (2) that is not appropriate to use the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as an ongoing management tool in these states.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar boldly explained, “From a biological perspective [wolves] have now recovered.”  Separately Secretary Salazar indicated, “These delistings are possible because the species is recovered in these regions.”
There have been many developments as a result of these decisions that have generated some very interesting questions.  Here is what these developments mean. [Read more…]

Year End Report: A United Nation of Sportsmen

Happy New Year from Big Game Forever!

We would like to provide a progress report on our efforts this past year. Thanks for your continued support in our effort to remove Canadian Grey Wolves from the Endangered Species Act and restore management to State Agencies. Unmanaged wolves remain one of the principal strategies used by anti sportsmen groups to: (1) close hunting units; (2) eliminate the ability of states to manage wildlife; and (3) undermine critical hunting rights.

Much progress has been made. [Read more…]

Success! We Killed Another Anti-hunting Measure

I just received this message from Big Game Forever, wanted to share it all of you.


I want to thank each of you for your efforts over the last week in killing a very bad anti-hunting measure. This week, we were able to stop the inclusion of Senator Baucus’ language in the omnibus spending bill. This language was to be included in 1900 pages of the appropriations bill that hit the Senate yesterday. It appears that once introduced, this language would have passed through Congress without amendment. [Read more…]

Tremendous developments in wolf delisting!

Some tremendous developments in wolf delisting have happened in the last several months. We are definitely entering a new stage in the battle to return wolf management to the people of the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and many other states across the country.

TWO bills have been introduced into Congress. H.R. 6028 in the House and S.3919 in the Senate. Both bills take wolves off the Endangered Species list nationwide and end the thoughtless years of litigation and technicalities which have been used to stop decisions by the Bush and Obama administrations to delist wolves. Many Senators, Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats across the country have come out in support of these important bills including the entire Congressional delegations of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, select Senators and Congressmen in Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesotta, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas and other states. Thousands of Sportsmen from 47 states have signed the Big Game Forever wolf delisting petition.

The anti-sportsmen and anti-grazing forces are amassing to kill the bills. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP in the coming weeks. Look for updates from Big Game Forever which will be coming by email. We will only send you emails for the most important developments and grass roots efforts.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts,

Ryan Benson,
National Director Big Game Forever

Conservation Groups Urge Stop to Wolf Negotiations

MISSOULA, Mont.—In a letter to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Director Joe Maurier, conservation organizations are urging state officials to stick with science in determining adequate populations of gray wolves, rather than negotiating with environmental and animal rights groups to allow surplus populations.

The agency is currently negotiating a settlement with the 13 groups who sued to keep gray wolves federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

These negotiations potentially threaten to weaken the state’s authority to manage populations of game and non-game species, presenting a dangerous precedent for other states seeking to manage wolf populations through their respective state agencies.
[Read more…]