ArcticShield Boot Insulators

ArcticShield Boot Insulators

COLUMBUS, Georgia Get cold feet? The Boot Insulators from ArcticShield might be the answer. Their heat-retention technology has been developed and honed over many years, so it’s of the highest quality. These sport a polyester outer shell and liner, and are windproof, water resistant, lightweight and packable. Simply roll them up and slide them into your pocket or backpack.

MSRP: $64.00

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BOGS Blaze 1000

BOGS Blaze Winded Bowhunter

If you hunt where it’s wet, swampy, muddy and cold the BOGS Blaze is the perfect boot for those hunting conditions.

I am fortunate enough to be in the whitetail woods all year long. For, me it has been a long tedious task of finding an over the calf rubber boot, that was waterproof, durable, fit my foot well, functional traction and kept my foot warm while on stand during the cold months of winter. After several boots trials, my feet have found their new home in BOGS footwear. The boot that I have been wearing for the past few months is the Bogs Blaze 1000. [Read more…]

How To Find The Right Hiking Shoe?

hiking2A buddy and I are planning big hunt for next year. During our last pre-planning conversation, he mentioned that he would need to replace his boots. After a few tips that I gave him, like them now and start wearing them! I thought to myself, how would he know what kind of boot to get? Does he purchase it like he has in the past¦one size larger for thicker socks? Then, I remembered reading something on a blog a while back on how to choose a boot.  


Well, with some digging, I found this post on Schnee’s from 2007 and the article still applies today!


For many people, the process of researching and selecting a new pair of technical footwear can seem quite overwhelming, it was for me. Whether you are looking for a pair of trail runners, a new light hiker, or a serious backpacking boot, there are a few steps that can be taken to simplify this process.

Read the full article here.

In fact Amy, Ciro and I are headed near Three Forks, MT to do some hiking today!