My First Hunting Harvest Part 1

Hunting in Loudoun County, VAMy hunting habit started with a high school buddy of mine, David. He is the guy who truly introduced me to hunting. I had gone hunting for whitetails with him at his family cabin in West Virginia with rifles in the past, but, being a city boy, I could not get the rifle up fast enough to shoot. It always seemed like those deer were running by me and in a hurry to get somewhere other than my freezer!

I may not have been the hotshot gunslinger I had imagined myself as but I was super impressed with the cabin I’d stayed in nonetheless. It reminded me of the prefab cabins in PA which I know are popular amongst those looking to outfit their hunting camps and even their own backyards with additional living space.

A few years went by and while I did not harvest a deer, I did learn several things and my respect for whitetail deer was greatly increased.

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