I Dont See Any Elk

It’s the time of year when we start the tag game with state game licensing. We go through our gear to check what needs to be replaced, upgraded or repaired. One of the things overlooked every season, especially for Western game is self preparation. By self preparation, I don’t mean physical fitness, I mean mental skills and know-how! For elk this is a crucial part of your planning. [Read more…]

Elknut’s Playbook: A Great Stocking Stuffer

ElkNuts PlayBookElknut’s Playbook is a pocket sized field guide that was created after multitudes of requests came from those who watched ElkNut’s elk vocalization DVD’s and wanted to take this printed knowledge right into the woods. This is useful in practicing and planning your scenarios prior to your hunt, yet durable and small enough to take with you on your hunts…I bring it every time!

Much Anticipated Companion to Elknut’s Playbook

ElkNut Scouting Elk CountryThis audio CD features 26 different elk sounds being made by actual elk themselves! You can now learn to put these sounds with the names ElkNut describes in his Playbook and DVDs and take the knowledge right into the woods.

World Champion Elk Caller-5 Tips for Better Hunting

MISSOULA, Mont.–For elk hunters who’d like to be better elk callers, there are few mentors more qualified today than Joel Turner, reigning and two-time champion of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Leupold World Elk Calling Championships.

Turner, 33, of Eatonville, Wash., won his second world title in three years at the March event held as part of RMEF’s Annual Elk Camp & Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Expo.

A police officer and state firearms instructor by trade, Turner also is a devout elk nut, bowhunter, guide, naturalist and call maker. He’s spent the past several years developing an elk calling philosophy and hunting system–some of it based on tactical theory–that has consistently produced bulls in multiple states.

Turner shared the following five tips for better elk calling and hunting: [Read more…]

Calling All Screamers: Enter the Super Bowl of Elk Calling

MISSOULA, Mont.—If you’re a screamer, bugler, grunter or chuckler, you may have what it takes to win the Super Bowl of elk calling, March 4-7, 2010, in Reno, Nev.

Competition is open to the public in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Leupold 2010 World Elk Calling Championships. The event will be held as part of the annual RMEF Elk Camp & Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Expo at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center.

Featured in recent years by The New York Times and CBS Sunday Morning, the competition will return to Reno following a 2009 stint in Fort Worth, Texas.

[Read more…]

ElkNut’s Playbook Review

ElkNuts PlayBookOver the years I have read a lot of books, magazine articles and forums on elk hunting. I have also watched waayyy too many TV shows and DVDs, according to my wife. Elk hunting is becoming a passion of mine and I try to gain as much information that I can. This book will reside e right next to my other 2 favorite books Backcountry Bowhunting by Cameron Hanes and Bugling for Elk by Dwight Schuh. Now, if I could just get them both to sign my books for me! [Read more…]

PlayBook Update!!! Part 2

ElkNut's PlayBookThis is from Paul aka (ElkNut):

Well, it finally looks like I will be getting half the PlayBooks ordered late today & the rest late tomorrow! (grin)

We will start signing & packaging up readying them for the Postal Service. Shipments will hit the mail on Saturday with the remaining ones shipped out on Monday! Deliveries will take place according to when you ordered. The first ones received will be the first ones to go out!!

Thank you guys so much for your patience, it was a waiting game for all of us! Actually this was a test. Yes a test of your patience & maintaining composure while under stress & pressure! (grin) We were just readying you for elk season!!!!