Colorado Wildlife Commission Approves 2010 Big Game Regs

DENVER, Colo. – The Colorado Wildlife Commission finalized 2010 big game regulations at its regular meeting Jan. 11.  The Commission approved a variety of changes, some providing expanded opportunities for hunters.

Key revisions include:

Hybrid Draw:
The Colorado Division of Wildlife established a “Hybrid” drawing for select elk and deer licenses for the 2010 hunting seasons.   The purpose of the drawing is to give hunters the additional opportunity to draw a license for some of the state’s premier elk and deer hunting areas.    Hunters with five or more elk or deer preference points that select as their first choice a unit requiring 10 or more resident preference points for that species will be automatically included in the random drawing. Approximately 15 elk and three deer units qualify for the drawing.

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Changes to Colorado Big Game Structure

Colorado Division of Wildlife - 300

By DAVE BUCHANAN/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Colorado Wildlife Commission on Thursday adopted the season structure for the 2010-2014 hunting seasons and, except for a few notable changes, left the existing structure pretty much alone.

Colorado again will have four big-game rifle seasons, starting with an elk-only first season, followed by two deer and elk combined seasons, with a final limited deer and elk wrap-up.

Nothing was done in regard to a proposal to swap archery and blackpowder rifle seasons.

The commission adopted what’s being called a hybrid preference point draw. There are several premier elk units, such as 1, 201 and 10, where it takes nearly two decades of preference points to draw a license.

Which means, of course, that even if you started accruing points in the past decade, you’ll never catch up, as the point totals mount each year.

Starting next year, though, every hunter with five or more preference points can enter into an auxiliary random draw, where 20 percent of the licenses will be set aside for any unit requiring 10 or more points to draw.

This includes deer, elk, pronghorn and bear units statewide.

For those hunters not expecting to draw but willing to gamble their first license choice, this opens an interesting realm of possibilities.

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