Elk Hunting University 2011 is now in session!

Last year’s efforts at providing new insights, techniques and concepts for hunting the “Monarch of the Rockies” hit the mark. Elk Hunting University (EHU) pages were viewed more than 400,000 times in fewer than 12 months! Responses to and comments about EHU’s time- and field-tested wisdom, tips, and advice from the contributing Hunter Outreach Huntmasters and DOW field officers and biologists have been very positive. Thank you for your interest! [Read more…]

Elk Hunting 101 Class in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Elk hunters can learn how to improve their success rate by attending a free Colorado Division of Wildlife seminar Tue., Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. in Colorado Springs.

The clinic is a way for hunters to learn how and where to hunt elk and increase the odds they will get an elk.  “We’ll cover elk biology, elk management, regulations, hunting seasons, methods of take, licensing, hunting tips and hunting resources,” said DOW Southeast Region Senior Terrestrial Biologist Brian Dreher. [Read more…]

Limon Elk Hunting Seminar

LIMON, Colo. – Elk hunters can learn how to improve their success rate by attending a free Colorado Division of Wildlife seminar at the Limon Community Building, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m.

The clinic is a way for elk hunters to learn how and where to hunt elk and improve their success rate.  The session covers several topics including preparation for the hunt, elk biology, hunting techniques and ethical hunting. [Read more…]

Backpacking For The Hunt

The opening day of elk season is Saturday: have you made your plans for the hunt?  For those who seek to add another challenge to the hunt, Chris Silewski talks about hunting the backcountry wilderness with a back pack. He provides some excellent insight into the physical preparation, quality gear, and the unique experience awaiting the back country hunter.  Go to:
http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/ElkHuntingUniversity/EHULessons/EHUB ackpackHunt.htm

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

EHU Lesson: Hunting for the Dinner Table

A prized and pleasurable Colorado dinner is elk, the other red meat! G.M. Moore demystifies getting your hard-earned elk to the table and enjoying the low-fat, organic meat youve earned through your own effort.


For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

EHU Lesson: Archery Hunting

The Ultimate Challenge, hunting the King of the Rocky Mountains with stick and string.  Archery hunting is one of the fastest growing segments of elk hunting in Colorado. The fall colors, crisp air of the high mountains in fall and the test of skill between hunter and animal, stalking to within 30 yards of an elk.  Join Alan Hannasch and Jason Garnett as they provide some insight into the decisions made once you take to the field with a bow.

Check it out at:  http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/ElkHuntingUniversity/EHULessons/EHUArcheryElk.htm.

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us.

Higher-Ed for Elk Hunters

DENVER, Colo.–Elk hunters looking to expand their “wapiti wisdom” can do so by participating in “Elk Hunting University,” a new online Hunter Outreach Program offered by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Developed by DOW “Huntmaster” volunteers who teach and mentor novice hunters, EHU provides an entertaining and educational look into the exciting world of Colorado elk hunting.  The innovative program features in-depth “how-to” articles, videos and other resources to help hunters become more successful in their pursuit of Colorado’s most revered big game animal–the Rocky Mountain elk. [Read more…]

Elk Hunting University

Kim Herfut of Elk Hunting University (EHU) offers the critical 5 Ps of a successful elk hunt in the March 23 lesson of EHU.  Did you know the license application deadline is just eight days away, Tuesday April 6th! Justin Gindlesperger of Elk Hunting University has added some food for thought about purchasing a license in his article released today.  It is Spring Break at EHU; make sure you are back at class on April 12th, when we will discuss using technology to aid in your scouting and hunting planning for the fall.


Have you ever wanted to try elk hunting and wondered; where do I start? Where do I go?  Who do I need to know?

Join Hunter Outreach Coordinator Jim Bulger, and his cadre of experienced Huntmasters, for a series of articles that will get you into the field with the confidence and skills to help you harvest an elk.  Elk Hunting University (EHU) is written by real hunters and conservationists with years of field experience, who will show you the ropes to make your hunt more successful.  Go to:


where you will learn about licenses, where to hunt and tips for hunting in 2010.  Then, follow the article series for the next six months as we move through the intricacies of buying your license, scouting, marksmanship, and other key elements of planning the best Colorado elk hunt.

With over 280,000 elk, Colorado is proud to be the elk capital of the world! And the Colorado Division of Wildlife is pleased to offer the first online, species-specific hunting training Elk Hunting University.  Start building the skills today that will help you fill your tag this year.