Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 7


Elk rub alarm clock

We were awakened this morning around 2am by a bull raking a tree 15 yards from my tent. This was a unique and exciting way to be woken up. Between the raking noise and the ground moving was enough to get the heart racing. This bull raked on his tree for at 15+ minutes, and all I could think of was if he is above me, don’t lose your balance! Then, all of sudden the raking stopped, all I could hear were hooves beating the ground and moving away. I thought maybe he winded us as he was so close to our camp. But, then he then gave a nervous grunt, elk generally won’t do this if they wind humans as they just flee the area.  He didn’t just give us one nervous grunt, he have us 16 nervous grunts over the period of 7 minutes as he walked in semi-circle around us and went to raking on a smaller tree 18 yard from the tent. [Read more…]

I Want a GPS Map That Has It All

onxmap-logoHow many of you would like to have a card that you could just pop-in your GPS and it instantly display Public Lands with you unique colors, and Topographical lines for 1:24,000 maps, Hunting Units, Water, National Forest roads and trails?  I agree that would be one awesome piece of technology….Well look no further at the team at onX have created this “Oracle of the GPS”! has changed the way outdoorsman use their GPS. Not until now has one chip, map or software been able to provide all of the needs and wants of so many outdoorsmen. Now, these are not just for the hunters they are for use while fishing, hiking and the like. [Read more…]