Traveling with Toddlers

Ciro and Rudy - Hyalite Canyon, MTWhile children can slow you down, they do not have to stop you from enjoying a little œmother nature!

In fact, introducing our children to the outdoors should be one of you fondest memories of spending time together. There is a great book titled Last Child in the Woods written by Richard Louv. In this book Richard states that the lack of nature in the lives children is directly related to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as obesity, attention disorders, and depression.

So if you and your spouse stay adventurous, more than likely you kids will to. You should try to do outdoor activities as a family and one-on-one with your kids, when possible. [Read more…]

Have you seen PROOF by FMP?


For those of you who haven’t caught Full Moon Production’s (FMP) latest movie  PROOF, you need to watch the trailer below. For ordering, click the link to access the FMP store. I recommend the DVD 3 Pack as all 3 of their videos are a must have!!!

Testing Sitka Gear





Check out this very cool, quick clip of the Sitka team testing out one of their new jackets against high winds!


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The Ultimate Backpack

Archwood Flextrek 37 Trillion


Magnum Package

Endorsed by world renowned Steve Climber

This pack everything you’ll need in the backcountry, except for your chiropractor!

Sitka Core Zip-T Shirt gets tested







Sitka’s Core Zip-T was recently tested by Back Pack Gear Test does an impressive job at putting a product through the paces.


It was impressive to see how the Zip-T handled the 6 months of abuse with glowing praise, for both the hunter and recreational outdoors person.




Read the review here.









Sitka Ascent Pant Reviews




Jonathan thought that he would share just a few of the review’s on Cabela’s website, where the Ascent Pants are seeing an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

These pants are awesome! As used the for more than a week strait in North-West Montana last elk season and through my deer season in Virginia.

Read the full article here.


The Importance of Water Filters

Another very useful from South Cox on the all important “Water Filters” selection for backcountry hunting.


As promised I’m going to tell you about the water filters I was at the Outdoor Retailers Show.  The first one is from MSR.  The filter is smaller and lighter than any others that I’ve tried and it blows the doors off of the competition in speed.  The Hyperflow Pump is what they are calling it and it weighs just 7.8 oz.  It is hard to expect great performance when you are getting such a compact, lightweight unit, but the manufacturer boasts 2.75 liters per minute!  That is almost 3 times the speed of most of the filters out there.  I tried it at the show and was surprised at how little effort it required to use.  Also, a great boon to it’s design is that it is field serviceable; no disposable cartridge to plug halfway through your trip.  It takes a couple of minutes to disassemble the pump to backflush the system, but the inconvenience is well worth the benefit.  I’ve had my disposable filter pump leave me high and dry when filtering murky water. 


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Backpacking Stoves

South Cox of Stalker Recurves

South Cox of Stalker Recurves

Another very useful from South Cox on the all important backpacking stoves selection for backcountry hunting.

Adding extra weight to your pack is something we all try to avoid. If a piece of equipment can be omitted from your pack and it doesn’t affect the outcome of your hunt, then it takes a pretty strong argument to carry the extra weight. For some, the stove is one of those items. Many make the argument that they’d rather just eat an MRE and ditch the stove. [Read more…]

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Another very useful from South Cox on the all important “sleeping bag” selection for backcountry hunting.

One of the bulkiest items on your gear list for a bivy hunt is probably your sleeping bag. If it has not been replaced in the last couple of years, chances are you cannot only shave off some weight, but also significantly reduce the bulk. Almost all of the major sleeping bag manufacturers are offering sub 2 pound 3 season down bags now. Some have reduced the weight down to as little as a single pound and can be stuffed into a sack half the size of a nerf football. For my early season hunts in August and the first week of September I like a bag rated at about 30-35 degrees. Any later in the high country and you are increasingly flirting with the chances of sub-freezing temperatures. For those hunts I drop down to a 20 degree rating. Some of my favorite bags are from Western Mountaineering, Marmot, Mountain Hardware and Feathered Friends.

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ElkNut’s Playbook Review

ElkNuts PlayBookOver the years I have read a lot of books, magazine articles and forums on elk hunting. I have also watched waayyy too many TV shows and DVDs, according to my wife. Elk hunting is becoming a passion of mine and I try to gain as much information that I can. This book will reside e right next to my other 2 favorite books Backcountry Bowhunting by Cameron Hanes and Bugling for Elk by Dwight Schuh. Now, if I could just get them both to sign my books for me! [Read more…]