Hamskea Drop-Tine Release

The Drop-Tine hook-style release from Hamskea features an ultra-reliable, single-sear design for minimal trigger travel. The trigger is easily adjustable for the perfect feel with a simple turn of a screw. Its popular open jaw design loads quickly and silently on a D-Loop for fast, clean shots with no excessive wear. The Drop-Tine comes in standard with an adjustable leather buckle strap and connector strap for superb comfort and fit. [Read more…]

Hamskea VersaRest with Containment

Johnstown, CO – Hamskea Archery Solutions L.L.C. made their mark with the VersaRest on the tournament trail in its debut year of 2012 with wins on the ASA, NFAA and FITA world tours in the Men’s Open Pro division.

Now the same VersaRest with tournament proven accuracy is offered with full containment for the most discerning bowhunters in 2013. The VersaRest maintains its versatility in that this one rest can still be configured as a limb actuated (top or bottom limb), cable actuate, fall away (cable, cable slide) or fixed blade AND now can be configured as a full containment hunting rest right out of the package. [Read more…]

Help Stop Target Panic With Hamskea Cure

Johnstown, CO – In 2010 Hamskea Archery Solutions L.L.C. introduced The Break-Thru true tension release aid. is proud to announce

New for 2013 Hamskea Archery Solutions L.L.C. is excited to introduce “The Cure” release aid helping archers everywhere cure their target panic and improve their shot technique.

Our customers asked and we listened, ” The Cure” is a smaller version of the very popular “Break-Thru” release. With “The Cure” you still get the same consistency in the only positive safety true tension release but in a smaller package. Perfect for JOAD programs or anyone with smaller hands, including women and children. A portion of all proceeds from “The Cure” are being donated to help in the fight to find a “cure” for breast cancer.

“The Cure” is available in pink or black.

Visit your nearest Hamskea dealer to preview The Cure.

BowPlane2 Gain Flight or Crash

BowPlane2The new BowPlane2 uses laser to project a light 360* around the inside area of a bow. With this light you can set centershot on your rest, windage on sight pins and check for cam lean.  All without shooting your bow once!

The BowPlane snaps onto your bowstring with its integrated bow square and lies across your arrow rest just like your arrow does. It operates off four AAA batteries, which are included.

Once it is turned on, the BowPlane projects a visible red laser light, 360° around the inside perimeter of the bow. It projects along the string, upper and lower limbs, rest and sight pins too. What does this do for you? This allows you to quickly adjust centershot on your rest and preset the windage on your sight pins.

This goes beyond the old “eyeballing” the alignment of these points to start the tuning process of your bow. [Read more…]

The ATA Headspin

ATA 2012

Well, it’s been a few crazy weeks since the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show. It was really great to place a face with a name, make the handshake with world famous outdoorsman and outdoorswomen like Jason Matzinger (Into High County), Tim Burnett (Solo Hunter TV), and Chris Denham (Western Hunter & Elk Hunter Magazines), Tracy Breen (man, myth, legend!), Mark Seacat (Seacat Creative), Jeff Simpson (Fencepost Films), Collin Cottrell (C3 Engage), Dan Staton (Train to Hunt), The BowCast Crew (next time I will pick the lunch location!), Tim Endsley (Bad Medicine Archery), Douglas Gilmer (Backcountry Chaplain), Trevon Stolzfus (Outback Outdoors), to name a few! (Is this considered name dropping?!) [Read more…]