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Testing Hilleberg Soulo

Testing Hilleberg Soulo, Exped Mat, Valandre Mirage

A few years back I was on a hunting trip and it took us several days to get into the elk. But, it was late in the day and we didn’t want to spoil our chances for the next day. So, we made the decision to back out and hit again in the morning. After marking our location on the GPS, we realized that we were almost 6 miles from camp. We discussed whether to head back to camp and make the hike back with only a few hours rest. Or do we just rough it on the ground and get an early start on the elk, we chose the latter.  [Read more…]

East vs West Lands

Loudoun-VAHunting Public Land in the West to Private Property in the East

I have read a lot of articles surrounding the preparation, tricks and work needed to be performed to hunt public land in the western part of the US. But, I have not read any articles on how to locate and gain access to hunting land in the East which is usually private. Is one scenario easier than the other? [Read more…]

Deer & Deer Hunting Debuts New Blog That Follows First-Time Hunter

Kristen SchmittCincinnati, Ohio- After more than 30 years living in metropolitan Detroit, Kristen Schmitt moved to the Green Mountains in Vermont and now she’s determined to make hunting part of her new life. Schmitt teamed up with Deer & Deer Hunting to chronicle her journey from novice to her first hunt in the brand new blog, City Roots to Hunting Boots, which debuts on March 5.

Schmitt spent twelve years working at a business law firm in Detroit before deciding to move her family to Vermont in search of a more meaningful, family-oriented lifestyle. It was here in the Green Mountains that Schmitt resolved to educate herself on sustainable living and train for her first hunt, a pursuit that she will document weekly on City Roots to Hunting Boots. [Read more…]

Search for the First

Brandon Thome-neitzelThe third day of our hunt started out as the day’s prior. A slow moving overcast surrounded the valley, and the bears were moving slowly. [Read more…]

Sunday Hunting in Virginia House

Sunday Huting Coalition

Your action is needed to preserve hunting in Virginia. The bill to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting will be heard this WEDNESDAY EVENING (Feb. 1) in the Natural Resources subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee. It is imperative that these members hear from you telling them to support hunter and property rights — vote YES on HB 921. Please call and email each member of the subcommittee, then visit to email your own Delegate. [Read more…]

Sunday Hunting Push Has Arrived


The time is NOW!

Last Summer at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show you expressed support for the effort to increase hunter access to the woods through lifting of the current Sunday hunting restrictions.  In January 2012 the Virginia Senate and House will be deciding whether or not to give you the freedom to participate on the 7th day in an activity that is legal and safe the other 6 days of the week.  The Sunday hunting restrictions are the last hold-out of the blue laws and dates back to the rule of the British Crown.

The Virginia Sunday Hunting Coalition and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have established a method for you to let the Governor and your Senator and Delegate know that you support a change in the law.  It is a few easy clicks and typing in your address to let them know you want them to act.

You can go here to let them know where you want your legislators to stand:

The grass roots effort is continuing to grow and has over 2,800 members.  You can click here to get updates during this critical phase and find out where we need to focus on the AG Committees:

The change in the law would not tell anyone that they MUST participate in Sunday hunting, we only ask that the woods be shared equally with the freedom and liberty to choose.
Thank you for getting involved and please feel free to forward on to fellow hunters!

Matthew O’Brien
facebook group “Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All”

Trophy Archery Elk Available

Adventures West Recreation


The following hunt takes place on a private ranch in southern Colorado’s unit 85.  This is a TROPHY BULL HUNT! [Read more…]

Tips for Field Judging Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.–A trophy bull can turn up almost anywhere in elk country but opportunities to take one are rare. When a monster steps out, a hunter often has no time to count antler points, much less compute scores. But not always. Sometimes there’s ample chance to really focus and size up an elk in your search for the bull of a lifetime.

Will you know a world-class trophy if you see one?

“All elk hunters are fascinated by antlers, but not everyone recognizes what it takes to grow trophies. Big headgear is a product of genetics, age and nutrition provided by great habitat,” said David Allen, president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. “Learning to field judge antlers will help you understand even more about the elk you’re looking at, whether it’s one for the record books–or one to let walk away and grow up.” [Read more…]

Hunt Fish VA App

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF)

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ new app for iPhone and iPod touch is perfect for:

  • getting the latest news from VDGIF;
  • looking up hunting regulations, seasons, and bag limits while in the field;
  • viewing freshwater fishing regulations and state record fish;
  • identifying the fish you just caught;
  • getting the sunrise and sunset times for your location;
  • recording your trophy harvests;
  • finding nearby boat ramps, Wildlife Management Areas, and lakes;

Download it here:

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

Discounted NM Archery Elk Hunts

Elk in New Mexico

The following New Mexico elk hunts have been near 20% off the regular rates!
New Mexico tree-stand hunt includes: Sept. 1-6 or 7-12
Trophy field care
Hunt transportation
All private land (75,000 acres near Chama, NM)

Hunt cost: $2400 plus tag $580 and .06% sales tax! Save $550.00

New Mexico semi-guided hunt includes
: Sept. 7-12
Guiding (2×1 or 1×1)
Trophy field care
Hunt transportation
All private land (75,000 acres near Chama, NM)
Spot/Stalk/Calling in the morning and tree-stands in the evening

Hunt cost: $3160 2×1 guided and $3560 1×1 guided plus tag $580 and .06% sales tax! Save up to $900.00

70% shoot, kill wound or pass opportunity rates on 260-280″ bulls!

Von Ramsey host of “Southern Outdoor Experience” TV show arrowed a nice 5×4 bull while filming with them in 2010!

Keith Hartman
Adventures West Recreation/Archery Only Consultants
P.O. Box 2675
Paso Robles, CA 93447