HuntingLife After Life

Kevin over at HuntingLife has been diligently working with this developers over the past few months on revamping the site that would be better on the eyes, easier to navigate and didn’t look like Sideshow Bob’s house.

Head on over to the site and give a look through and provide some feedback to Kevin and his team. The site is there you to utilize as a resource and your reading pleasure, so your feedback can only make the site even better.

While they were working on the website, they were updating their iPhone Application as well. Check it out in the iTunes Store.

Kevin, congratulations on the new website and iPhone Application!

HuntingLife Weather

Their iPhone Application is live! HuntingLife Weather is live and feeding up weather data for all of North America!!! This application displays  up to date weather conditions, forecasts and radar for your current location which is automatically detected. You also have the ability to type in a different location to view the same information. [Read more…]

Promo Code for OpenSky

Kevin over at HuntingLife has been gracious to provide a 10% off Promo Code for their online store for any purchases made through April 16th.


Promo Code:  HUNTING10




Those of who venture into the back country alone or with friends do so because it gets us away from the world and it reminds us all how beautiful the world is and how small we are.  For many of us, venturing into the wild keeps us grounded as to who we are as people and it is just as important to go into the wild as it is to get up in the morning, to eat and to sleep. These trips are incredibly important to me and to the members of our Pro Staff.  Each and every one of us carries a SPOT Messenger into the wilds with us.  We want to get away, we also want to know where we have been, and we want to know that if the stuff hits the fan and we get hurt out there…We can push that magic button and someone is coming to get us.

You have to enter this promotional code when you sign up for your service package and I recommend signing up for the two year commitment to bring your yearly rates down.

Virginia Moves Toward Restoring Elk Population

Bull ElkMISSOULA, Mont.—Kentucky’s elk herd runneth over, and Virginia has decided to welcome the overflow and build a sustainable, huntable population of its own.

In August, the governing board of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) voted unanimously to end unmanaged harvest of elk by state deer hunters. For years, any Virginian with a deer permit could shoot an elk wandering across the state line from Kentucky. That practice is expected to officially end this fall.

Additionally, the VDGIF board also moved toward an official elk reintroduction and management plan for southwestern Virginia. [Read more…]



On August 18th, 2009 the Board of Directors of The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries voted today on a motion that will become 100% official at the October 22nd, 2009 board Meeting where it will be written into regulation that elk hunting in the Commonwealth of Virginia will not be allowed.

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The Virginia state all volunteer leadership team put together a fantastic drawing in celebration of our 25th Anniversary of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  We have 250 tickets for this drawing at $75.00 each or 2 tickets for $100.00 and this drawing will be held as soon we sell this raffle out.  We will be holding the drawing and Kevin Paulson with Hunting Life will personally be video taping the drawing so they can air the drawing on

Get more information here.

Painted Skulls



Looky what I found… Painted Skulls by Jana Waller on Facebook a while back and decided to have one done.

This is a great way to dress-up your cabin, office or man or woman cave!

With this kind of artistry and creativity, your personalization options for your European mount are endless!!!

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Litigation Begins Over the Delisting of Wolves






SCI is closely reviewing two separate cases filed in two different courts on June 2, 2009 to challenge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s rule to delist the wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountains, with the exception of the wolves of Wyoming.  In federal district court in Montana, Defenders of Wildlife and 12 other wolf and environmental groups filed a suit challenging the legality of the delisting of Idaho and Montana’s wolves.


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1 Month Remaining on Alaskan Hunt Package!



THE BIG NEWS:  The Whitney family at Alaska Wilderness Trips, Inc. has offered the winner a choice so, – you can either hunt moose or grizzly bear! So, if you know anybody that hasn’t entered because they already have their moose…here’s a chance for them to get their Interior grizzly bear.

Next the not so big news:  As of Monday May 11, there were 157 entries in the drawing.  Since we are capping the total entries at 500, we have 343 chances remaining.

It  seems likely that we won’t max out our 500 chances but they need to get as many donations as possibly before the drawing date of June 15, 2009.  The drawing will be administered at the Outdoor Writers Association of America’s annual conference in Grand Rapids, MI.  They will post the winner’s name after they have contacted him or her.

Here the details of this awesome package.

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