Hylete Icon Lightweight Knee High Sock – Review

Hylete Icon Lightweight Knee High SockI’m always looking for quality stuff and looking for that “something” to give me that little extra!

So, what are compression socks? You ask…

Compression socks are specially designed, made from specialized elastic material, which increases blood circulation.

Some believe that compression socks improve their performance by increasing blood circulation in your legs. This increase in circulation improves your recovery time, which leads to better performance.

The Hylete Icon Lightweight Knee High Socks felt weird at first, as the material and thickness is reminiscent of dress sock. The sock is very comfortable and didn’t slip inside my shoes at all. I have worn the socks in Salomon, Newton, Icebug and Reebok All- Terrain shoes. [Read more…]

Winded Bowhunter Endorses HYLETE

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