Find Out What Bears Really Do In The Woods

Grizzly Bear Losinski IDFGIdaho Falls – When it comes to bears and humans a strange bond exists. As infants we give our children stuffed bears, yet as adults many people fear being in the same woods where bears might be. The Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) will be hosting a free workshop to help demystify bears and help humans to understand what they can do to keep themselves and bears from getting into trouble. [Read more…]

Review & Comments On Lolo Wolf Control

Peer reviews and public comments on Idaho Fish and Game’s proposal to reduce the number of gray wolves in the Lolo Elk Management Zone in north-central Idaho are available on the Fish and Game Website.

The proposal and comments are available at:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released a draft Environmental Assessment of the proposal, which also is available for public review and comment at: The deadline for public comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is March 14.

Moose, Sheep and Goat Changes Proposed

Idaho Fish and Game proposed changes to moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat rules and seasons for 2011-2012.

The proposed changes will be submitted to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission for considered and action during the annual meeting January 27.

The proposals are available for review and comment from Fish and Game offices and on the Internet at Comments may be entered online, by email to or by mail to Trophy Species Comments, c/o Idaho Fish and Game, P.O. Box 25, Boise ID 83707.

Public comments are due by the end of the day January 14.

Open house public meetings are planned in regions around the state.

Public Meeting/Conference Call Regarding Wolf Management

The Idaho Fish and Game scheduled a public meeting/conference call regarding wolf management on December 8, 2010.

You can review this updated information here!

Idaho Fish and Game Idaho Wolf Management Update

Wolves were removed from the endangered species list on May 4, 2009. Idaho Fish and Game has taken over management under 2008 state law, the 2002 wolf management plan and the 2008 Wolf Population Management Plan. Wolves will be managed as big game animals, similar to black bears and mountain lions. Hunting seasons will be set by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

The Idaho Wolf Management page can be accessed here. The latest update is the Lolo 10(j) Wolf Reduction Proposal.

Relisting Fact Sheet and Relisting FAQs

Wolves Chasing Bull Elk

Wolves Chasing Bull Elk

On August 5, 2010 the Federal Courts ruling to “re-list” the wolves back on to the endangered species list, means state wildlife agencies no longer have authority to manage out of control wolf populations! Β This includes all of the areas where wolves are driving elk, deer and moose rates below stable herd numbers.

The Idaho Fish and Game have updated their site to reflect this irresponsible ruling. You get all of the information including their Wolf Tag refund policy (which I had to read!) on the Idaho Wolf Management here.

F&G Commission to Set Wolf Seasons in August

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet Monday, August 16, in Idaho Falls.

Commissioners will consider proposed season dates, harvest limits and methods of take on gray wolves. They also will consider proposed seasons on waterfowl and sage-grouse.

Wolf seasons still are subject to a still pending legal challenge.

Idaho Fish and Game managers will present public comments on waterfowl season proposals collected from across the state and summarized for the commission.

Routine agenda items also include falconry seasons and limits.

Early Elk Seasons Open Next Month

Some early elk hunts open August 1, most of them antlerless “green-field” hunts.

The early “green-field” hunts in seven elk management zones – Palouse, Weiser, Lemhi, Beaverhead, Pioneer, Snake River and Owyhee-South Hills zones – are meant to help landowners reduce crop damage.

Early archery hunts also start August 1 in the Snake River elk zone, and controlled green-field hunts also open in the Dworshak and Hells Canyon zones.

The green-field hunts are open only outside the National Forest Boundary and within one mile of cultivated fields. They help reduce depredation problems and control populations causing crop damage by harvesting or discouraging animals in specific areas or portions of units. [Read more…]

Ask Fish and Game: Take The Kids Fishing

Q. Where’s a good place to take my grandkids fishing?

A. Family Fishing Waters are great places to take the grandchildren and the rest of the family fishing. They are easy to get to, the rules are simple and they have plenty of fish to catch. To find good places to take a youngster fishing, directions on how to get there, what kind of fish will you find, and some tips to make your first fishing trip a success, go to:, which lists family friendly waters in each of Idaho Fish and Game’s seven regions across the state. Or go to the Fish and Game Website at and click on the “Idaho Fishing Planner” logo under the picture, and search for a place. Or contact the nearest Fish and Game regional office.

Wildlife Day Camp Scheduled by Natural Resource Agencies

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service have scheduled a free day camp in Coeur d’Alene August 2-6, 2010 for children ages 9 to 10 (as of July 1, 2010).

The camp will be held from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the nature center at the North Idaho Fairgrounds in Coeur d’Alene. During these hours, kids have the opportunity to learn about the wildlife around them through fieldtrips, unique crafts, hands on activities, journals and interactions with live animals.

There will be field trips studying forests, prairies, wetlands, and streams.

Due to the nature of the program, space is limited to only 12 participants. Registration is due by July 25. Registration will be processed in the order it is received. Lunch can be provided to children in special circumstances.

To register for this great opportunity, you may come to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 2885 Kathleen Ave in Coeur d’Alene and complete a registration form, or call 208-769-1414 and ask for a registration form to be mailed to you.