Spring Bear Hunt with Disabled Hunter

IMG959420The Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association had such an incredible time with their disabled hunters in Idaho and Montana this year. Jake got a great bear in Idaho and although Phillip was unable to score a bruin in Wyoming I think he learned a great deal about hunting bears and just really loved getting out and about. [Read more…]

Zing…What was that?

Into High CountryZing…What was that? That was the first season of the best backcountry show on television!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have either heard of or watched one of the best hunting shows on television produced by Zing Outdoor Adventures. I recently was able to catch-up with my good friend Jason Matzinger, who is the CEO of Zing Outdoor Adventures and host of Into High Country. We discussed the ride he has had to building one of the best hunting shows on television. [Read more…]

Into High Country

Zing Outdoor Productions

After a hunting season that Zing Outdoor Productions will not soon forget, a season filled with great joy and great heartache…  After a ton of  long night’s in the editing studio,  It is with great anticipation that their brand new show “INTO HIGH COUNTRY with Jason Matzinger” will premier Thursday, June 30th at 2:30 pm(EST) only on the Sportsman Channel!  They were able to capture some absolutely breathtaking footage this past season and have combined it with an all new look and feel of the show!  They will be hunting everything from Whitetail Deer to Mountain Lions from all over North America including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta just to name a few.  Please past this information along anyway you can including Facebook, Websites or any other Social Media sites you may belong to!  I am confident that Jason and Zing Outdoor Productions, would greatly appreciate it and I hope you enjoy!

Show Times (EST)
Sundays 11:30 am
Thursdays 2:30 pm
Mondays 3:30 am

Hunt Hard,

Zing Outdoor Productions

Powder Horn Montana TV

Let’s show a little support for Jason Matzinger and John Edwards hosts of Powder Horn Montana TV. The Sportsman Channel is holding it’s 2009 Choice Awards. Even though this is the first season of Powder Horn Montana TV, they have covered most of the big game in North America. They don’t talk much about the gear they use, instead they provide tactics for the hunt and how to score trophy animals “before the shot”!

Choice Awards 2009

Have you seen Powder Horn Montana TV?




We (Amy and I) watched the first installment of Powder Horn Montana TV, which highlighted just some of what is to come for the 1st season of this show. This show hosted by Jason Matzinger and Jon Edwards,  will truly get you jazzed up for the upcoming hunting season.


During the intro we said “WOW!” During the hunts we said, “WOW!” And at the end we said, “WE HAVE TO WAIT?”


This looks to one of the top hunting shows on TV. These are “real” hunters hittin’ country and gettin’ it done! If you want to see Set your DVRs and have a sneak peak here!



Spyder Bull at Schnee’s


The World Record Spyder Bull Elk is on display now at the Powder Horn from May 29-31. We’re very excited to have this event at the store and have a lot of special things planned during the three days.

Doyle Moss and the Mossback Pro Staff team will be on-site Saturday, May 30th to demonstrate elk bugling & give clinics and helpful advice.

Sitka Gear representatives will also be on-site. We will be displaying the Sitka Gear OPTIFADE camouflage system.

This is truly an awesome elk, I cannot wait to see this bull and put my hands on the new Sitka Gear!

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