MYSTERY RANCH Adds Jeff Simpson to Ambassador Team

Jeff Simpson Mystery RanchBozeman, MT. – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company, devoted to making mission-specific products is pleased to announce that whitetail deer enthusiast, Jeff Simpson has joined the MR Hunting Ambassador team.

Simpson is an industry veteran with roots in professional photography and marketing via his agency, 39 North LLC. Jeff resides in Kansas where his passion for whitetail deer fits the terrain well. He has worked alongside several other major companies and foundations in the hunting industry and certainly shares similar ideals as to that of MYSTERY RANCH. [Read more…]

Limited Edition “BAB” Tee

The Limited Edition tee features the stylized grizzly bear logo (AKA: “BAB”) from the hit film series, “The Short Season” by Jeff Simpson! This is one to hang onto!

“Button Buck as a brand represents a part of me that can carry over to my kids. On a bigger scale, Button Buck represents Dad’s being responsible men, teaching conservation and outdoor skills to the next generation,” Jeff Simpson, Filmmaker, Fencepost Films // Arctos Collective. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit Day 3

We were up early and I was in my stand well before first light. It was a bit cooler where I was hunting with a stronger breeze.  I did see several deer, just not within bow range. But, I still remained very comfortable while on stand. Dennis and John both harvested a very nice bucks this morning.

We headed back to the lodge for some lunch and plan on the evening hunt. It was great to come back and talk with all the attendees about their experiences with the Sitka Gear. It was also great to hear Jeff Simpson’s story of the huge 181” buck he had harvested just days earlier and to get some great tips on deer management.

We headed out for the evening hunt this time I was overlooking a CRP field in a very strip of woods about 5 yards wide. I had a steady breeze in my face all evening and remained comfortable during my  hunt. I had several small bucks and does come within bow range, but opted not to shoot. I hunted until dark and made my way to my pick-up point.

Once back at the lodge, I got changed into street clothes, ate some dinner and continued with the hunting stories and information sharing with the attendees and GORE Associates.  Most of the attendees left that evening, while a few of were leaving the next morning. The lodge owner Travis offered us to stay one more day and partake in the opening day of Goose Hunting or continue deer hunting.

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit – Day 1

Recently, I was invited by W.L. GORE & Associates to visit their headquarters to attend their first GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit. They had an action packed few days for us! I toured the GORE facilities, talked with their engineers, and got to personally test some gear! I even got a 20 minute stint in the Rain Room.

While making the drive north, I couldn’t help from getting stoked about this opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the GORE Compound and share it will all of you.

The GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit was a short and intense deluge of education, entertainment, and laughter with fourteen other outdoor writers and GORE associates. I met with some of my fellow outdoor writers such as Katie Seacat of Seacat Creative,  Marc of NYBowhunter, Rick of 24hourcampfire, Tracy Breen, Fredy of Ammoland just to name a few! Also met with Mark Seacat of Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt, Jeff Simpson of Fence Post Media Group and Colonel Tim O’Neill, a.k.a. the Father of Digital Camouflage.

I did not personally set any expectations, so I could remain open minded and ready to absorb as much as I could. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit

Tomorrow morning I will make the drive North to the W.L. Gore & Associates headquarters for the GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit. They have an action packed few days for us! I will be touring the Gore facilities, talking with their engineers, and hopefully get to personally test some gear! I hopeful that I get a stint in the Rain Room. 

I will finally get to personally meet with some of my fellow outdoor bloggers! We are to have a meet-n-greet with Mark Seacat, Jeff Simpson and Colonel Tim O’Neill, a.k.a. Father of Digital Camouflage. Then we are off to test the GORE OPTIFADE in woods, this is going to be an awesome trip! 

As an outdoor gear geek, I’m really stoked about this opportunity to get a behind the scenes at the GORE Labs and share it will all of you.  I will try to pictures and or video daily here on the blog daily, but will have to see if time permits.