NRA Basic Pistol Course

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting CourseThe Loudoun County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America is offering a NRA Basic Pistol Course!



WHEN: Saturday, August 2nd 7:30am until approx 8:30pm

WHERE: Loudoun County Izaak Walton League
19237 Mountain Spring Ln., Leesburg, VA [Read more…]

IBEP In Loudoun

Some traditional archery gear

We were finally able to schedule a local International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) course!

The recent event was held on April 10th from 8:00am – 5:00pm at the Loudoun County Chapter Izaak Walton League of America (LCCIWLA) near Leesburg. The cost was free and will be the only course in the area unless any of us wanted to travel 1.5hrs one way later this summer. [Read more…]

Great Article Featuring Loudoun IWLA

As posted in the AshburnPatch

The modern realities of urban and suburban life – lots of people, little open space, and all those community rules – often leave sportsmen gearing up for activities struggling with one question: where?

Where can I site-in my firearm? Where can I practice archery? Where can I learn new tips and techniques from fellow outdoor enthusiasts? Where can I take my kid to learn about the outdoors and do all of things I did while growing up?

For residents of Ashburn, the Loudoun Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America (LCC-IWLA) provides an oasis for outdoorsmen to take part in such activities. The LCC-IWLA also serves as a gathering place for people dedicated to conservation and the preservation of a way of life that supports the safe and ethical use of all that the great outdoors provide. [Read more…]

Another Great Archer Has Left Us

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Charlie Beaver, a long time Waltonian and champion of the Loudoun Bowhunters and Loudoun County Izaak Walton Chapter’s Archery Range.  Charlie’s exceptional dedication to the Archery Program at the Chapter provided years of enjoyment and benefit to the Members and he will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.  Please pray for his family and come out to celebrate his life, see Colonial Funeral Home’s obituary below or visit the website of for more information and arrangements.

Charlie Beaver
(Died November 2, 2010)

On November 2, 2010, Charles “Bucky” Beaver, age 69, went to that big hunting ground in the sky. He was an avid hunter, fisherman, archer and golfer.

He is survived by his loving wife of 47 years, Louise, and 13 brothers and sisters. He was predeceased by his parents and one brother.

A celebration of his life will be held at Leesburg Isaac Walton League. The date and time are to be determined. Please join us in this celebration. A pot luck dinner will follow. Please call the coordinator of the pot luck at 703-777-6205 regarding any questions of food choices.

I will personally miss Charlie poking at me about my new “fangled” gear and his long time side-kick “Weasel” telling me that I am shooting my bow all wrong! The two of them asking me why I have “training wheels” on my bow!!! It’s truly a shame that more kids and adults did not get to know Charlie. But, those that did will remember him, his stories, with and dedication to the sport of archery forever!

How About Your Father’s Day

Did all the fathers out there enjoy their Father’s Day? I enjoyed my weekend as it was filled with pride, enjoyment, exercise and great food!

The weekend started off with my son Zakk graduating from high school. When this happens you have mixed emotions…I am extremely proud that he has achieved this milestone and he is eager to challenge himself with the next milestone in his life. But, at the same time is comes with some sadness that he will off traveling, working, women and other things that life brings us and not as much time for me. I know that sounds selfish, but….

Zakk Graduation

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NRA Training: Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course‏

The LCC-IWLA chapter will be offering the NRA Range Safety Officer Course on June 19th.  The course will run from 9:30am – 7:00pm. The fee for this course is$75 and the Registration deadline is Thursday June 3rd.  A lite lunch and refreshments will be provided. To register for this course please email

Family Camping – Part 1

With the heating up and me wanting to get Ciro introduced to camping soon, I planned an overnighter at the local Izaak Walton League of America Chapter, where I am a member. Camping can be a lot of fun and get you back to the wilderness, without the sounds of cities and pollution. If you have not had the fortune of going camping but plan to, it may be wise to take a look at this article to see what would be best to bring with you so you can have an all-around fun time whenever you decide to go, you never know, we may see you around!

We arrived around 5pm to setup camp, get some dinner going, let Ciro explore and test some more fire starters for building fires. This was a “car camping” trip as Ciro is 2 years old and Amy has not camped in many years. We used our trusty old Coleman tent, air mattress with a down sleeping bag for Amy and Ciro used his sleeping bag that we won at last years Bull Run RMEF Banquet. I used my Big Agnes Farwell back and Two Track pad. [Read more…]

IWLA Presents NRA Basic Shotgun Course

Our NRA instructors will be conducting a Basic Shotgun Shooting Course on Saturday,  June 12th 2010 at our facility that is open to all LCC-IWLA members and the community.  The course objective is to teach the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in  shooting a moving target.  Perfect for those interested in skeet shooting; hunting; those new to shotguns or individuals interested in perfecting their shotgun skills and increasing their knowledge.   The course outlines includes:

Lesson 1 – Shotgun Knowledge & Safe Handling

Lesson 2 – Ammunition Knowledge & the Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting

Lesson 3 – Firing the First Shots

Lesson 4 – Shotgun Shooting Skills Practical Exercise

Lesson 5 – Shotgun Games and Activities

The cost of the course is $75.00 (25.00 deposit required to hold your seat).   Space is limited and seats are reserved on a 1st come basis.  You can register from our website or send an email to

Hope to see you there.

Gary Deck

NRA Instructor

Reloading class at the Izaak Walton League – Hamilton, VA

There are a few more spots open for the January NRA Shotgun Shell Reloading Class scheduled at the Loudoun County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League location. (scroll down to bottom of page for address and directions)

NRA Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading course is designed to provide beginning re-loaders with the basic knowledge, skills & attitude necessary to safety reload shotgun shells. Course will familiarize participants to the basics of reloading Shotgun Shells with little or no prior experience. Students will receive the NRA GUIDE TO RELOADING handbook with intensive lessons on the basics of reloading. The seven lessons for this NRA course is as follows:

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Outdoor Ethics Banquet


The Loudoun County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League is holding its 20th Annual Loudoun County Outdoor Ethics Banquet on October 24th at Hamilton’s Harmony Hall.

Keynote speaker is Bob Duncan, Executive Director Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries.

Outdoor Exhibits and Displays, Auctions, Raffle, Annual Law Enforcement and Citizen Recognition, Meet Local Politicians and Dignitaries

Open to the public and Local Media.

Sponsored by Loudoun County Anti-Poaching Reward Fund and the Loudoun County Chapter – Izaak Walton League of America in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Contact O.E. Banquet for more information or tickets here!