DGIF Message to Advisory Group Members

Fellow Outdoor Supporters,

I’ve been asked to share this email with all Members who support outdoor activities in Virginia.  The communication being forwarded is from Bob Duncan, Director of VDGIF.  A basic understanding of what is being proposed and changes that may impact you on each is important.  The more we are aware of what is being proposed the better we can input the process and communicate our desires in a very proactively thoughtful manner.  It helps to know who is involved in what legislation so that we can contact the legislators directly with any particular thoughts or concerns.  This way we stay connected and assist in continuing to enjoy the best possible freedoms with the least amount of encumbrances.

Please share this with those who support outdoor activities in Virginia.

Virginia’s 857,000 hunters and anglers spend $1.3-billion annually and support 24,000 jobs.

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