Colorado Backdoor Elk Results

Colorado Division of Wildlife-DOW

The procedure for checking is:
Log in to your account on the
Proceed as if you were going to buy a habitat stamp
The next screen will show the products you have on file
If you drew a Elk tag you will have an additional entry for an Elk tag

The caviat is, if you applied for more than 1 choice, you won’t know which you drew. So, you won’t know is which license you drew unless you only had a first choice.

Get Ready to Hunt Colorado

DENVER – The Colorado Division of Wildlife is rolling out its 2011 big game hunting brochure with some major enhancements to help hunters apply for licenses and find information about big game hunting in the state. Applications for the 2011 fall big game season are due to the Division of Wildlife by Tuesday, April 5.

The fully re-designed brochure includes easy-to-read tables, a detailed list of new hunt opportunities in the state and a reference page with important information about Colorado hunting regulations. Copies of the brochure are available anywhere licenses are sold.

Also new this year is an interactive, on-line companion version of the brochure that has video clips offering hunt pointers and tips on how to apply for licenses through the draw process. [Read more…]

DOW Looking to Elevate Elk License Sales

DENVER — In a new effort to promote elk license sales and support the rural communities that depend on hunting, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is launching a national marketing campaign aimed at challenging hunters to elevate their game by tackling a Colorado elk hunt this fall.

The “Elevate Your Game” campaign targets hunters age 30 to 65 using football terminology and themes to raise awareness of Colorado elk hunting opportunities. The integrated television, print and web campaign, developed with Denver-based 5-Stone Advertising, is designed to reach millions of hunters across the country between mid-February and April 5.

Division of Wildlife Director Tom Remington said that while the campaign has a national reach, it’s designed as a proof-of-concept pilot project to test the effectiveness of marketing to resident and non-resident hunters alike. The goal of the campaign is to increase elk license applications for the limited license drawing as well as sales of leftover and over-the-counter licenses later in the year. Marketing should definitely help with this, especially if the director considers using some SEO techniques too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a smaller organization or a larger enterprise, the majority of businesses will be able to benefit from SEO services. By getting in contacting with an agency like Victorious (, marketing campaigns can be more impactful by ensuring that more people see the campaign. Hopefully, this will encourage more residents to get involved with hunting this year.

[Read more…]

EHU: Plan B

The Big Game limited license drawing is complete and successful applicants are receiving their 2010 licenses.  But what if you did not apply or were not successful in the limited drawing this year? Take a look at the short article by Jim Bulger on developing Plan B for the 2010 elk season. You may be surprised at the options still available.

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Big Game Tags Still Available in Wyoming

Even though most big game seasons have already come and gone, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reports that some areas are still open and have licenses available for residents and nonresidents.

For deer, the area with the most licenses is nonresident Region A (hunt areas 1-6) in the Black Hills area in the northeast portion of the state. More than 700 nonresident Region A licenses are available for that area as well as numerous reduced price doe/fawn licenses that may be purchased in addition to the regular price licenses that allow the taking of a buck.  Residents can hunt that region with a general license.  The season in Region A opens Nov. 1 and runs through Nov. 30 in hunt areas 1-3, and until Nov. 20 in areas 4-6.  For type 6 doe licenses, hunt areas 1-6 are open until Nov. 30.

Other nonresident regions with licenses remaining include Region J in the southeast and Region M in north central Wyoming.  Seasons in these regions vary with the individual hunt area but some areas still have open seasons until Oct. 31 while others are open until Nov. 4 for general license holders.

Antelope seasons in the northeast overlap many of the deer seasons in the Black Hills.  Antelope areas 1-5 are open now and will close on Nov. 20.  Antelope hunters should also be aware that seasons in many other areas in northeast Wyoming still have licenses available with most seasons staying open until Oct. 31.

Many of the licenses are in areas that are predominantly private land.  Hunters are advised to check with the Game and Fish if uncertain about land status or access in the area they plan to hunt.

For elk, a number of areas still have antlerless licenses available and for hunters holding general licenses, many areas in the western part of the state will be open Nov. 1 for antlerless elk hunting once the season allowing the taking of bull elk closes.

Hunters can check regulations for seasons that are still open and the Game and Fish Web site for license availability and season dates in the various hunt areas.  Hunters can also call the WGFD at (307) 777-4600 for more information.

3,000 Doe-fawn Licenses Available

Sheridan, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department plans to issue 3,000 licenses to hunt deer in an area near Sheridan this fall.

The department says recent mild winters and a high reproduction rate for deer mean more opportunities for hunters. The purpose is to reduce the deer population so they do less damage to livestock forage and wildlife habitat. Deer also can be a hazard on roads and highways.

The licenses apply to Hunt Area 24 outside Sheridan. Hunting season begins Sept. 1 and ends Dec. 20. Hunters who buy the licenses will be allowed to kill up to four does or fawns.

Leftover New Mexico Big Game Permits

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

More than 1,700 New Mexico public-land deer permits, 20 elk licenses for mobility impaired hunters, and 231 archery javelina licenses leftover from the 2009-2010 drawing will be available beginning at 10:00am,  August 19 — only on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Web site.

“As is often the case, the Department had a handful of hunts that went unsubscribed following this year’s big game draw,” said Patrick Block, Assistant Director of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. “We want do everything we can to give New Mexico’s hunters every opportunity to enjoy the sport they are so passionate about.”

The deer permits are for hunts in game management units where the number of permits or licenses exceeded the number of applicants. They will be available — first-come, first-served — for an application fee of $9 for residents, $12 for nonresidents. Applications will be accepted only on the Department’s Web site,

Read the full article here.

Change In MT. Black Bear Season License

Montana Fish Wildlife Parks - FWP

Hunters may purchase a license at all FWP offices, FWP license providers, or online here. After Aug. 31 the licenses are only available at FWP offices and there is a five-day wait on the use of bear hunting licenses.

Black bear hunters must have successfully completed the Black Bear Identification Test and must present a certificate of completion when purchasing a black bear license.  The training and test are available on FWP’s website at under Online Services.  A paper version of the test may be obtained at FWP offices or license providers.

2009 Black Bear hunting regulations are available on the FWP web site here, from FWP license providers and at FWP offices.