Really, Really Slow Food

Photo used courtesy of John Athayde under Creative Commons License

Jack Landers has got a new type of course in the works that he thinks is ready to start talking about here. Working with Paul Fritz, who co-teaches the range sessions for our Deer Hunting for Locavores classes, we are going to offer a 2 day class on building your own deer rifle.

Because hunting, field dressing, butchering and cooking your own food isn’t quite DIY enough.

They are going to be starting with surplus military Mauser bolt actions from the early twentieth century. Taking that basic barreled action, students will learn how to forge a bolt handle, fit and glass-bed a stock, install an after-market trigger, mount and zero a scope, etc. Range time will be included. Each student will take their finished deer rifle home in a case along with a cleaning kit, set of basic gunsmithing tools and a gun vice. You will go home with a complete package as well as a body of knowledge and experience that most people never have the opportunity to acquire. Hunting and butchering your own food is pretty satisfying as it stands; obtaining that food with a tool that you built yourself takes you to a whole new level.

No previous experience with firearms is required and all types of people are welcome, but students must be 18 or older for this class and must pass the standard state and federal background checks for the purchase of the rifle. Class sizes will be limited to 4 students each, due to the necessity of very close supervision. All tools, parts and materials will be supplied by Paul and Jack.

They are still figuring out the exact dates. The price will be $900, donor rifle included. For those who wish to bring their own Mauser, the price drops to $725. Please note that there are scads of Mauser variants out there and not all of them will be suitable for what we are doing.

The class will be conducted in Paul’s workshop near Charlottesville, Virginia. Paul was trained as a blacksmith and holds a degree in Applied History. He spent several years as a historical interpreter working at Harper’s Ferry making and fitting parts for muzzleloading rifles and can do pretty much anything with metal and wood. If after a long day you don’t fancy cooking your own then why not head out for some fantastic food, Charlottesville is well known for its good food, search online for top restaurants Charlottesville to book in advance and make sure you’re not disappointed.

Any interested persons can contact me directly at jack dot landers at gmail dot com.

April Deer Class Scheduled

I would like to pass along this announce from Jack in what is probably his final ‘deer hunting for locavores’ class that will be open to the general public until this fall and perhaps indefinitely (depending on how my various obligations shape up). This is a two day course running on April 10th & 11th.

After April he will still be continuing to offer the course most likely through group bookings only. For example, a New York City paleo diet group is coming down for a class in May. He will also be doing a series of 3 hour workshops to benefit Slow Food chapters in cities around the US and Canada. Anyone representing such a group or Slow Food chapter is encouraged to email Jack.

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