Public Meeting/Conference Call Regarding Wolf Management

The Idaho Fish and Game scheduled a public meeting/conference call regarding wolf management on December 8, 2010.

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Sportsmen to Be Used in Elk Management Plan


National_Park_ServiceOn August 10, the National Park Service (NPS) released its “preferred alternative” for elk management at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The preferred alternative includes plans to use volunteer shooters, including sportsmen, to reduce the elk population to a sustainable level.

In press accounts, U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D- ND), who had proposed this alternative, stated, “This just makes a lot of sense. It won’t cost the tax payers a lot of money, it will thin the elk herd and it will do it the right way and I have to commend the park service for finding a way to do this with some common sense.”

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) opposed earlier management plans that called for hired sharpshooters. Thanks to Sen. Dorgan’s efforts, volunteers have been included as part of the NPS management plan.  Senator Dorgan authored an op-ed that ran in the New York Times that appropriately criticized a Times July 7 editorial arguing against the use of volunteers in the management plan.

“The USSA is pleased with the NPS preferred alternative and congratulates Sen. Dorgan on his advocacy of a common sense policy,” stated Rob Sexton, USSA vice president for government affairs.  “Sportsmen have proven to be a tremendous resource for managing wildlife populations and it has never made sense that tax payer money should be used when such a reasonable alternative is readily available.”

The plan is expected to be completed by December 2009 and start in the fall of 2010.

Take Action! North Dakota sportsmen are encouraged to support the NPS preferred alternative and should Click Here to review and offer comments supporting it.

The comment period goes through September 9, 2009.

Below is a sample letter:

Attn: Elk Management Plan,
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
PO Box 7
Medora, North Dakota, 58645

Dear Superintendent:

I am writing to express my support for the preferred alternative for elk management at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Allowing North Dakota sportsmen to participate with National Park Service personnel in managing the current elk population in the park is a wise choice.  It makes no sense to “hire” sharpshooters to manage the population, when sportsmen will do this for free.  Not only will this policy save government funds, it gives sportsmen a chance to continue in their long tradition of being the nation’s leading conservationists.

I hope that this policy will move forward and appreciate your consideration.