Acclaimed Filmmakers Show Hunting as “Elegant”

Searching for WestBOZEMAN, Mont. – Elk hunter and mountain athlete Mark Seacat has long believed that the primal act of hunting is, at its core, quite beautiful. Now he and director Christopher Murphy think they’ve proven it. They’ve created what they call an “elegant and authentic hunting story” with their new short film, Searching for West. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit – Day 1

Recently, I was invited by W.L. GORE & Associates to visit their headquarters to attend their first GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit. They had an action packed few days for us! I toured the GORE facilities, talked with their engineers, and got to personally test some gear! I even got a 20 minute stint in the Rain Room.

While making the drive north, I couldn’t help from getting stoked about this opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the GORE Compound and share it will all of you.

The GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit was a short and intense deluge of education, entertainment, and laughter with fourteen other outdoor writers and GORE associates. I met with some of my fellow outdoor writers such as Katie Seacat of Seacat Creative,  Marc of NYBowhunter, Rick of 24hourcampfire, Tracy Breen, Fredy of Ammoland just to name a few! Also met with Mark Seacat of Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt, Jeff Simpson of Fence Post Media Group and Colonel Tim O’Neill, a.k.a. the Father of Digital Camouflage.

I did not personally set any expectations, so I could remain open minded and ready to absorb as much as I could. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit

Tomorrow morning I will make the drive North to the W.L. Gore & Associates headquarters for the GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit. They have an action packed few days for us! I will be touring the Gore facilities, talking with their engineers, and hopefully get to personally test some gear! I hopeful that I get a stint in the Rain Room. 

I will finally get to personally meet with some of my fellow outdoor bloggers! We are to have a meet-n-greet with Mark Seacat, Jeff Simpson and Colonel Tim O’Neill, a.k.a. Father of Digital Camouflage. Then we are off to test the GORE OPTIFADE in woods, this is going to be an awesome trip! 

As an outdoor gear geek, I’m really stoked about this opportunity to get a behind the scenes at the GORE Labs and share it will all of you.  I will try to pictures and or video daily here on the blog daily, but will have to see if time permits.

Changing the Game Pro Tips From GORE

The team at GORE, have put together a useful hunting related tips video. Mark Seacat’s advice is great, as he speaks to his lightweight sleeping system for backcountry hunts. Pete Buttschardt‘s advice is well received for after a successful harvest of game.

Mark Seacat is Off to New Mexico!

Mark SeacatJust when it seems like Mark was about to slow down he found himself sitting in another airport headed on another adventure!

This time Mark is headed back to the Gila area in New Mexico, this time to document a few rifle elk hunts for some friends of his in the industry. It’ll be more of a remote “business trip” of sorts with heads of some of the finest outdoor gear companies in the industry and writers onboard. (I would love to be around that campfire, just for the information alone!) [Read more…]

Montana Antelope

Mark SeacatIn this Live Hunt update, Mark Seacat of Mystery Ranch, provides us with some great insight into his recent trip to eastern Montana.  This seems to be an annual family hunting trip to chase the speed goats.

Read the story and look at the pictures here!

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Follow Mark Seacat's entire 2009 Hunting Season…. LIVE!


Mark is in Santa Fe, New Mexico right now. Next stop is the eastern edge of the Gila National Forest to hopefully find another great bull! Andrew Crow harvested his first ever elk in the Monroe Unit, this is the same unit that the Spider Bull was taken last season and Mark had to enjoy his “Tag Soup” in the North Cache!

Mark has been regularly submitting photos, blog entries, and videos to O.L. for the past several weeks, part of the “Live Hunt with Mark Seacat“. The Live Hunt is definitely the best place to keep up with his fall schedule and whereabouts!

Mark and Outdoor Life would love it if you would comment as often as possible.

There are some great hunts scheduled throughout the entire hunting season and Mark is looking forward to sharing them with everyone!!!

But, the only way you will stay updated is if you check it out here!

The Bull Goes Down!!!

Seacat Crow BullWell, Andrew and Mark made it happen! They showed perseverance on this elk hunt which only took 12 days to put the first bull down. This is as tough as it gets on these types of hunts. You are in unknown territory and on you will probably on draw 1 tag in your lifetime for this area.

This is the first of several hunts to be documented on the OutdoorLife Live Hunt Series.

You can an overview of what is on deck for Mark and Andrew’s this season, here.

Five Mountain Ranges One Bull Mark Seacat

This essay is published in the July/August 2009 issue of Bugle Magazine from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

This essay will give you just a taste of the Mark’s dedication, tenacity as a hunter, his great photography skills and you get to see the Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab in action!

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that this story is! I will let you make your own opinions and hopefully you will post them, about this article and if you would like to see more articles like this in future issues of Bugle Magazine.

If you are a member of the RMEF, you should be receiving this issue of Bugle in your mailboxes any day now.

If you are not a member of the RMEF, then I highly recommend that you do join. And in the meantime, you can view the entire essay here.

Would you like to see hunting at its best?


Would you like to see hunting at its best? How about “Real hunters” using the best products in the outdoor/hunting industry, like Mystery Ranch, Sitka Gear, Valandre and Leica? Then, point your browser to see Mark Seacat and team, gettin’ it done!

You can an overview on this here.