Montana: landowners have until March 15 to apply for access tax credit program


Landowners have until March 15 to submit applications to Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks for enrollment in the Unlocking Public Lands Program

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Montana: FWP Unveils New MyFWP Online Portal

Montana-Fish-Wildlife-and-Parks-LogoThe new MyFWP portal contains enhanced security measures to ensure user information is better protected. Additionally, the new portal has increased functionality to make it more of a destination for license holders and other FWP customers. The new portal has replaced the pre-existing.

Similar to the old MyFWP portal, the new portal will allow customers to see the licenses they hold, their drawing results, bonus points, game damage roster standings, tooth and age data, combination license alternate list registration (non-residents only) and filter what topics of news release they receive by email. [Read more…]

Elk Archery Working Group Applications

Montana Wildlife Federation

Dear Hunter/Angler:
FWP is seeking 8-12 individuals to serve on a working group to collaboratively identify the central issues and fundamental objectives that define effective elk management, and potential alternatives for elk archery regulations in support of effective management.

Any consensus products could be directed into the 2012-13 biennial season-setting process starting in December 2011. The FWP Commission is not obligated to any adoption. [Read more…]

FWP Seeks Comment on Wolf Hunting

Montana Fish, Wildlife Parks-FWP

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking comment on a wolf hunt proposed for the 2011 season.

Based in part on lessons learned from the state’s first regulated wolf hunt in 2009, FWP wildlife managers propose to create 14 wolf management units and an overall harvest quota of 220 wolves. Commissioners approved a harvest quota of 186 wolves across 13 wolf management units for the 2010 season, which was blocked by a federal court.

“This season proposal is very similar to the season considered last year and it’s one that is properly balanced,” said Ken McDonald, FWP’s chief of wildlife. [Read more…]

FWP Seeks Comment On Nonresident License Rule

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on the proposed 2011 nonresident combination hunting license annual rule.

With the recent voter approved ballot Initiative 161, which eliminated guaranteed big game hunting licenses for nonresidents who hunt with outfitters and increased the cost of some licenses, the new law affects FWP’s annual rule for the sale of nonresident combination hunting licenses.

The proposed rule, approved by the FWP Commission today, includes the new license fees set by the passage of I-161 and includes the required $5 drawing fee and $10 hunting access enhancement fee. Since the prices are set by law with the passage of I-161, the FWP Commission is not seeking public comment on the following license fees: [Read more…]

RMEF Urges Hunter Restraint Toward Wolves

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is urging hunters to continue their restraint and to not take wolf management into their own hands while afield this fall.

RMEF President and CEO David Allen also is thanking hunters in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for their patience and sportsmanship over the years since wolf populations in those states have been fully restored but still federally protected.

Allen said, “We understand the growing frustration felt by sportsmen regarding wolves. We’re extremely frustrated, too. However, we ask hunters to avoid the temptation to solve this problem through ‘vigilante wolf management.’ The sporting community must continue to follow our time-honored tradition of legal, ethical hunting.” [Read more…]

FWP Seeking Help With CWD Monitoring

Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, has not been found in Montana but evidence of the disease has been found within 50 miles of the Montana border.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials are asking hunters, outfitters, landowners, and others to help keep a look out for CWD, a serious wildlife disease.

Hunters in eastern Montana are asked to donate heads from game harvested in portions of FWP Regions 6 and 7 as part of an FWP survey. Hunters can drop off heads at hunter check stations, FWP offices and at participating meat processors within the survey area.

A total of nearly 16,000 wild deer, elk and moose have been tested for CWD in Montana since 1998.   While none have tested positive for the brain disease, it is important to remain vigilant and to detect the disease early should it enter the state. [Read more…]

Conservation Groups Urge Stop to Wolf Negotiations

MISSOULA, Mont.—In a letter to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Director Joe Maurier, conservation organizations are urging state officials to stick with science in determining adequate populations of gray wolves, rather than negotiating with environmental and animal rights groups to allow surplus populations.

The agency is currently negotiating a settlement with the 13 groups who sued to keep gray wolves federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

These negotiations potentially threaten to weaken the state’s authority to manage populations of game and non-game species, presenting a dangerous precedent for other states seeking to manage wolf populations through their respective state agencies.
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MWF – October Proposals Out for Public Comment


To increase participation of every-day hunters and anglers within the rule-making processes, Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) once more brings you the current list of comment dates. Our “I Hunt, I Fish, I Vote” campaign emphasizes the concept that we all have a stake in the outcome of these decision-making processes and we should all be participants. In that vein, although it has been a while, we will regularly forward to you a running list of current Environmental Assessments like this one and other plans out for public comment broken down by agency. To find out more about any of the individual plans, simply click on the link provided. If you need any help figuring out to become involved, feel free to send me an email at this email address or call the phone numbers below. Please forgive any multiple postings. [Read more…]

Fall Black Bear Hunting Season Begins Soon

The fall black bear hunting season begins Sept. 15 in most areas of Montana.   The archery season for black bear begins Sept. 4. All hunters should check the regulations for season date exceptions.

Hunters may purchase a black bear hunting license at all FWP offices, FWP license providers, or online at , under Online Services until Aug. 31. After Aug. 31, the licenses will be available only at FWP offices or online, and there is a five-day wait on their use.

Black bear hunters must have successfully completed the Black Bear Identification Test and must present a certificate of completion when purchasing a black bear license.  The training and test are available on FWP’s website at under Online Services.  A paper version of the test may be obtained at FWP offices or license providers.

2010 Black Bear hunting regulations are available on the FWP website at , from FWP license providers and at FWP offices.