4 Steps For A Successful Spring Food Plot

Mossy-Oak-GameKeepersWEST POINT, MS – The spring and summer months are critical when it comes to deer herd health. By providing a consistent, high-protein food source, whitetails will have their best chance for reaching their full genetic potential. Below are 4 key steps to help you grow a successful spring food plot this year.

Know Your Dirt

If you haven’t recently taken a soil test to know where your pH level is or if you are in need of soil nutrients, get it done. There are many ways this could be done. One of the most effective ways is to contact your local company, such as this lawn care california company, for example, to see if they can come and look at your soil. Depending on the plants you plan on growing, the soil may need to be more acidic. This is why it’s sometimes better to contact a professional service who can ensure you have the correct pH level in your soil for growing. If you are growing crops in a greenhouse, the proper insulation will need to be used to make sure it is growing at its optimum level. Having a look at greenhouse plastic wrap will make you aware of what is out there and what it can be used for. Knowing the characteristics of the soil not only helps determine the most productive species to plant but gives land managers the information needed to properly amend the soil ensuring a successful, nutritious food plot. Soil tests through the BioLogic lab are fast, simple, and inexpensive. Choose the crop you are planning to plant, and you will receive fertilizer recommendations specific to that crop and your soil. [Read more…]