Didn’t draw a tag? Here’s Your Black Bear Hunt!

Black BearThis is for a 2015 New Mexico Black Bear Hunt

If you’ve done it before, or never done it at all, hunting bears with hounds is a hunt that everyone needs to experience. This action packed hunt takes place on private and public land. This hunt is done by way of trucks, quads, on foot, by mules, and horseback. There is nothing like following a pack of well-trained hounds on a bear chase where they will tree or bay your bear. [Read more…]

Urgent New Mexico Legislative Action Item

New Mexico Senate Bill SB196 has recently passed the Senate Conservation Committee and is heading to the Senate Fiscal Committee. If it passes in it’s current form regular non-resident applicants will be limited to 2% of the total number of tags where guided resident and non-resident hunters may get 8% of the tags for any given hunt! They are also considering implementing the requirement to purchase a non-refundable hunting license to apply which is estimated at $90 for non-residents.

New Mexico currently allocates permits in the antelope, Mule deer, and elk drawing as follows: 78% to residents, 12% to non-residents contracted with an outfitter, and 10% to regular non-resident applicants.

Go to http://www.huntinfool.com/members/email_action.asp for complete details and to contact the New Mexico Senators with your opinion, comments, and/or concerns about this bill. Please feel free to forward this to any of your hunting buddies or those with interests in New Mexico hunting.

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RMEF to Fund New Mexico Conservation Projects

MISSOULA, Mont.–Wildlife conservation projects in eight New Mexico counties have been selected to receive grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 2010.

The new RMEF funding, totaling $49,440, will affect Catron, Cibola, Mora, Otero, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Sierra and Socorro counties.

“These grants are possible because of the successful banquets and fundraisers staged over the past year by our New Mexico volunteers–most of whom are elk hunters as well as devoted conservationists,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “Since 1984, our annual grants have helped complete 239 different projects in New Mexico with a combined value of more than $18.3 million.” [Read more…]

Mark Seacat is Off to New Mexico!

Mark SeacatJust when it seems like Mark was about to slow down he found himself sitting in another airport headed on another adventure!

This time Mark is headed back to the Gila area in New Mexico, this time to document a few rifle elk hunts for some friends of his in the industry. It’ll be more of a remote “business trip” of sorts with heads of some of the finest outdoor gear companies in the industry and writers onboard. (I would love to be around that campfire, just for the information alone!) [Read more…]

Follow Mark Seacat's entire 2009 Hunting Season…. LIVE!


Mark is in Santa Fe, New Mexico right now. Next stop is the eastern edge of the Gila National Forest to hopefully find another great bull! Andrew Crow harvested his first ever elk in the Monroe Unit, this is the same unit that the Spider Bull was taken last season and Mark had to enjoy his “Tag Soup” in the North Cache!

Mark has been regularly submitting photos, blog entries, and videos to O.L. for the past several weeks, part of the “Live Hunt with Mark Seacat“. The Live Hunt is definitely the best place to keep up with his fall schedule and whereabouts!

Mark and Outdoor Life would love it if you would comment as often as possible.

There are some great hunts scheduled throughout the entire hunting season and Mark is looking forward to sharing them with everyone!!!

But, the only way you will stay updated is if you check it out here!

Elk Foundation Grants to Benefit 7 New Mexico Counties

MISSOULA, Mont.—Seven counties in New Mexico are slated for wildlife habitat conservation projects using $65,358 in new grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The 2009 RMEF grants will affect Catron, Lincoln, Mora, Otero, Sierra, Socorro and Taos counties.

“Our volunteers across New Mexico helped drive the 2008 fundraisers that made these grants possible. This is where Elk Foundation banquets, auctions and other events transform into on-the-ground conservation work, and its part of the payday for supporters who are passionate about giving something back to the outdoors,” said David Allen, Elk Foundation president and CEO.

Elk Foundation grants will help fund the following New Mexico projects, listed by county:

Catron County—Improve forage for elk by mechanically thinning 750 acres of pinion and juniper to rejuvenate grasses, forbs and shrubs in the Pelona Mountain Area on BLM lands.

Lincoln County—Thin 1,100 acres of encroaching pinion and juniper to stimulate browse for elk in the Lincoln National Forest.

Mora County—Restore riparian, wet meadow and grassland habitat for elk and other wildlife in the Wagon Mound area.

Otero County—Develop 30 maintenance-free water catchment devices and wildlife drinking locations to improve habitat for elk, mule deer, pronghorn, javelina, scaled and Gambel’s quail, and other species in Otero Mesa area on BLM Lands.

Sierra County—Prescribe burn 9,078 acres of ponderosa pine, mixed conifer, pinion and juniper to enhance forage for elk in Gila National Forest.

Socorro County—Restore grassland and aspen habitat by thinning 1,600 acres and prescribe burning 8,433 acres of decadent conifer in Cibola National Forest.

Taos County—Re-seed native grasses on 2,243 acres to replace exotic pasture grasses and restore habitat for elk and other wildlife in Ute Mountain area on BLM lands.

Partners for 2009 projects in New Mexico include Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, U.S. Forest Service, other agencies, corporations, landowners and organizations.

Leftover New Mexico Big Game Permits

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

More than 1,700 New Mexico public-land deer permits, 20 elk licenses for mobility impaired hunters, and 231 archery javelina licenses leftover from the 2009-2010 drawing will be available beginning at 10:00am,  August 19 — only on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Web site.

“As is often the case, the Department had a handful of hunts that went unsubscribed following this year’s big game draw,” said Patrick Block, Assistant Director of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. “We want do everything we can to give New Mexico’s hunters every opportunity to enjoy the sport they are so passionate about.”

The deer permits are for hunts in game management units where the number of permits or licenses exceeded the number of applicants. They will be available — first-come, first-served — for an application fee of $9 for residents, $12 for nonresidents. Applications will be accepted only on the Department’s Web site, www.wildlife.state.nm.us.

Read the full article here.

2009 Muzzleloader Elk Challenge



Campbell Outdoor Challenge presents the
2009 Muzzleloader Elk Challenge

Sponsored by Outdoor Edge Knives

If you have the desire to hunt monster bull elk in some of the most scenic country around, this is your opportunity!

The Campbell Outdoor Challenge is hosting a Muzzleloader Video Elk Challenge, Oct 9 – 14 in North Central New Mexico near Abiquiu sponsored by Outdoor Edge Knives. This will be a team (hunter/cameraman) competition with the winning team determined by the best scoring video in combination with the score of the bull elk harvested. This challenge event will air nationally on Versus and will have cash and prizes of up to $6,000 provided by Outdoor Edge Knives and The Campbell Outdoor Challenge.

Entry is limited to 10 teams only. The cost is $6,500 per team and includes meals, lodging, hunt fees and one guaranteed bull elk tag per team. After we receive your deposit we will send instructions and a voucher number for you to use to get your elk tags and license (approx. $530.00). Teams will be hunting area 6C in New Mexico, which borders the Valles Caldera National Preserve and is a great area for big bulls.

You can get the Entry Form here!

If you have any questions or need any additional information feel free to call or email.

Call to reserve your spot today!!

Jeremy Leu
Co-Host & Marketing Director
Campbell Outdoor Challenge
Phone: 1-877-384-3337