Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Last Day

Greg at Almond's Spill

We woke up early, packed camp on our backs and headed west to hunt our way back from whence we came. We ran into the Forestry Contractor again and talked with their team leader Andrew for a bit. We talked about conservation, hiking, hunting and the like. I found it interesting that nobody in the group hunted. But, yet we were all on the same page in the goal of keeping wild areas wild! Andrew informed me that they would not be back in this area for at least another 3 years. My mind was already starting to work on the next trip out here. [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 6

We woke up very early pack up camp and hunt while hiking back to the area that I wanted to hunt. What was nice was we found a trail that would take us near the area I wanted to hunt, so it was a little less like the NFL Combine Obstacle Course! [Read more…]

Great Deal on a NICE Frame

Mystery Ranch has a small run of (20) Coyote Brown NICE Frames with a small cosmetic error that you’d never notice, currently selling for $225.If you’re interested these frames you can purchase them by calling their office at 406.585.1428 and ask for Kenzie Williams on their Sales Team.

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Five Mountain Ranges One Bull Mark Seacat

This essay is published in the July/August 2009 issue of Bugle Magazine from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

This essay will give you just a taste of the Mark’s dedication, tenacity as a hunter, his great photography skills and you get to see the Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab in action!

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that this story is! I will let you make your own opinions and hopefully you will post them, about this article and if you would like to see more articles like this in future issues of Bugle Magazine.

If you are a member of the RMEF, you should be receiving this issue of Bugle in your mailboxes any day now.

If you are not a member of the RMEF, then I highly recommend that you do join. And in the meantime, you can view the entire essay here.

Mystery Ranch Paint it ACU Sale!




Mystery Ranch is moving all products in the ACU pattern to make room for summer production. Now’s the time to pick up a Mystery Ranch NICE Crewcab at an unprecedented price!

Mystery Ranch is also extending the special CBMR price from our previous Paint it Black Sale to include the ACU Cerberus pack with Foliage Green CBMR NICE Frame.

I picked up my Crewcab last week and is nothing short of “awesome”!!! It would be tough to tell which is better, the pack or the customer service that they provided myself and family. We received a complete tour of the manufacturing facility with more information than you care to know that goes into putting a pack together. They set me up with a Crewcab and made sure that it fit me properly, before I left the store.

They even let Ciro tool around the showroom in a kiddie Audi Quattro!

I know that some will say that “you are able to buy a pack the same size for half the cost.” While you can, I am pretty sure that it is NOT 100% American made (even the plastic buckles), by Americans and quality controlled by Americans. This is truly a superb product backed with outstanding engineering, customer service and warranty!

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