When outfitting industry suffers, so do the local towns


Well, March 15th has come and gone and along with it, the deadline for nonresident hunters to purchase outfitter-sponsored big game tags. Each year about 5,500 deer/elk combo tags and 2,300 deer tags are purchased by nonresident hunters.


However, many of these tags did not sell. 900 deer/elk combo tags remain available at $1,500 each along with 100 deer tags at $1,100.


While this story is from Montana, I am sure that every state is feeling the same decline in revenue from nonresident hunters.


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Joint Hunting Investigation Leads to More Arrests in Suspected Poaching Ring


Loudoun County, Virginia- A joint illegal hunting investigation between the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries has led to two more arrests. Items seized in the investigation include: numerous deer carcasses, 78 sets of deer antlers, 72 turkey beards, three firearms and the claws of two federally protected birds.

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Sportsmen Should Tell ‘American Idol’: Home Sweet Home

Sportsmen should contact Fox Broadcasting, the company that airs American Idol, immediately.


They should be told that country music star Carrie Underwood’s rendition of “Home Sweet Home” isn’t so sweet for the millions of sportsmen who will be attacked by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) after they make money off the tune.


According to Carrie Underwood’s official website, the song is going to be used each week on the hit television show when a contestant is voted off.


Unfortunately, Underwood has made clear that a portion of the proceeds from subsequent sales of that song will go to benefit the largest anti-hunting organization in the nation, HSUS.  This will give HSUS even more money to direct towards hunters, anglers, and trappers nationwide.


“Carrie Underwood has decided to use her talents to benefit an organization dedicated to destroying the rights of thousands of her fans,” said U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) senior vice president, Rick Story. “HSUS does not operate or oversee animal shelters; it is a radical organization that seeks to end hunting and other responsible uses of animals in America.”


Story said that sportsmen must send American Idol a strong message that its indirect support of HSUS, is not appreciated.

Sportsmen can make a difference.  Companies such as Iams, General Mills, Accor Hotels, Pet Safe, Sears, Meijer Inc, and Ace Hardware ended relationships with HSUS after thousands of sportsmen levied strong protest.


Take Action! Sportsmen are urged to contact key personnel at American Idol’s parent company, Fox Broadcasting and demand that Underwood’s song not be given a stage to raise money for HSUS.


Mr. Peter Liguori
Fox Broadcasting Company
Chairman of Entertainment
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2606

Fax: 310-369-1283
Phone: 310-369-3553

Lost Snowboarder Found Alive in the Alps via Phone GPS, Twitter

alpsRecently, some snowboarders got lost in the alps. The guy with the iPhone, Jason Tavaria, used the phone’s GPS to aid his rescue. Tragically, his friend did not make it.

Rescuers found the second lost person’s body at the bottom of a +60 foot fall next to a stream. The lost snowboarders’ friends kept in touch via twitter. It appears that while these skiers and snowboarders went off piste, none of them carried any sort of radio or satellite personal locator beacons, like the moderately priced SPOT. I mean, if you’re in the back country, chances are your cellular reception isn’t so great. The guy with the iPhone got off lucky being pretty close to a resort. Although the GPS function in any phone would work well in an open area to get someone reoriented. Either way, be safe during these storms, friends.

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Jury Awards $157 Million in Tree Stand Death

Being that I do not know any of the details of this case, I cannot comment on the points that I have shown below. But, in my opinion we may now be seeing more of these cases in the news, which in-turn will drive the costs of treestands up! But, I would like to know if the gentleman was wearing his fall restraint properly.

Jurors went beyond what was requested by attorneys and have awarded a Lafayette, Ind., woman $157 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of a tree stand that malfunctioned and caused her husband’s death.

This is a very tragic accident, but it could’ve been prevented if the tree stand was not malfunctioning. If you are someone who has been involved in a similar incident in which a loved one has wrongfully died, you are completely within your right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. You can find a professional attorney at https://valientemott.com/practice-areas/wrongful-death-attorney/.

Jurors only deliberated for around an hour before reaching the verdict Tuesday.

Carol Simonton filed the lawsuit in February 2006 after an incident where her husband, Timothy, 42, was found hanging from a tree. He had used the stand to climb the tree while scouting for deer season.

Filing a lawsuit against the guilty party is the first step in achieving justice for your loved one. As well as Simonton, there will be many people across the country who have contacted a lawyer in their area, to hear their expertise about how to go about a wrongful death claim, in order to get the compensation that you deserve.

Simonton’s attorney, Mike Phelps, had sought a $100 million award, and was surprised when he learned of the higher amount awarded by jurors. The complaint had sought $6,000 for funeral expenses and $1.5 million for lost wages based on what Timothy Simonton would have earned over 30 years.

Named in the suit were L & L Enterprises of Hattiesburg, Miss., Ol’ Man Tree Stands of Jay, Fla., and TSR Inc. of Pace, Fla. No one representing any of the companies was present for the trial.

The Associated Press left a phone message seeking comment from Ol’ Man Tree Stands and TSR Inc. Wednesday night and spoke to a person named in the suit for L & L, who said he was no longer with the company.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, TSR recalled about 9,000 Ol’ Man tree stands and about 500 replacement pin sets in 2007.

This should be a reminder that, we all should wear our fall restraint/safety harness systems while hanging treestands, sitting in them, climbing in and out of them. I think that our loved ones would much rather have us arund than the money! This being said if you have ever unfortunately lost someone due to a defect or similar circumstances, you might want to get in touch with someone like The Law Offices of George Salinas.