Outdoor Life Honors Elk Foundation Founders

MISSOULA, Mont. Outdoor Life has named two founders of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to a list of 25 people who’ve had the greatest positive impact on hunting, fishing and conservation.

RMEF icons Bob Munson and Charlie Decker are part of the magazine’s third annual O.L. 25 list honoring leaders, innovators, conservationists and unsung heroes.

Photos and bios appear in the December/January 2010 edition of Outdoor Life.

Online voting for fan favorites lasts through late December at www.outdoorlife.com.

Outdoor Life Editor-in-Chief Todd Smith said, when we step into the woods or wade into a clear mountain stream, we rarely stop to think about the many people who have made enjoying that experience possible. Yet there are thousands who devote their time, talents and energies to building this way of life we call hunting and fishing. Most are just ordinary sportsmen who’ve done extraordinary things and Bob Munson and Charlie Decker are perfect examples.

In 1984, Munson and Decker led a charge to launch a conservation organization focused on habitat for elk and other wildlife. Now 25 years later, RMEF is one of the nation’s most effective wildlife outfits, having conserved or enhanced more than 5.6 million acres and helped restore elk herds to historic range across the country.

RMEF has over 150,000 members in 500 chapters nationwide and a volunteer force that donates countless hours each year to fundraising and on-the-ground conservation efforts.

We owe it all to Charlie and Bob, said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. They started this movement, took personal risks and made sacrifices to see it through tough times, and continue to serve on our board. They are the Elk Foundation’s heart and soul.

Munson works in sales for MunsonWorks, a Lynnwood, Wash., firm specializing in inclined elevators. Decker owns and operates Decker Logging of Libby, Mont.

Montana Antelope

Mark SeacatIn this Live Hunt update, Mark Seacat of Mystery Ranch, provides us with some great insight into his recent trip to eastern Montana.  This seems to be an annual family hunting trip to chase the speed goats.

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Mark is in Santa Fe, New Mexico right now. Next stop is the eastern edge of the Gila National Forest to hopefully find another great bull! Andrew Crow harvested his first ever elk in the Monroe Unit, this is the same unit that the Spider Bull was taken last season and Mark had to enjoy his “Tag Soup” in the North Cache!

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