WY Self Guided Archery Antelope Hunt

Archery Only Consultants - Antelope
The following Self-guided archery antelope is available at a discount! There are a couple options on this hunt, so pay close attention:

6 day archery antelope only (crossbows are legal)
Exclusive access to a 3000 acre ranch near Newcastle, Wy
Property orientation by the owners
One buck antelope
Add a doe antelope for only $100! [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit Day 2

We were up early, ate a quick breakfast and checked out of the hotel by 7am. We were then shuttled to the GORE facilities in Elkton, Maryland. This is the actual testing and production plant so we were not allowed to take photos. As this is where the process of how Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) is made into different laminates.

One of the key “take-a-way” from the GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit was learning about the science of ePTFE and the making of garments waterproof and breathable. This science applied to all forms of outerwear. That makes this information is very useful for any outdoor consumer, to assist in making correct garment purchases.

Get out your pocket protectors and prepare for Geekdom! [Read more…]

Pronghorn Hunting 101 Seminar in Ellicott

ELLICOTT, Colo. – Late-season pronghorn hunters looking for tips to improve their success are invited to a free seminar in Ellicott at the Community Center, 23355 CO Hwy 94, on Mon., Nov. 8 at 6 p.m.

The clinic is a way for pronghorn hunters to learn how and where to hunt pronghorn and improve their chances of successfully harvesting an animal.  Preparation for the hunt, pronghorn biology, hunting techniques and ethical hunting will be covered in the presentation.

“We will specifically focus on hunting in December,” said local District Wildlife Manager Jeromy Huntington.  “One thing we’ll cover will be the value of scouting, as pronghorn may not be in the same location as they were for the regular pronghorn seasons and they tend to be in larger groups.” [Read more…]

Meeting to Focus on Pronghorn

DENVER, Colo. The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) will hold a public meeting to gather input on the pronghorn herd in Park County. Pronghorn population and composition objectives and any other issues of concern regarding pronghorn management in Game Management Units (GMUs) 49, 50, 500, 501, 57, 58, 581, and 511 will be discussed. The Hartsel meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., July 15 at the Hartsel Community Center, 86 Valley Ave, Hartsel.

The DOW is eager to gather input from landowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and hunters to help us gauge the appropriate population and male-to-female ratio objectives for a ten-year management plan, said DOW biologist Heather Halbritter.  Wildlife belongs to all of the public and we’d like everyone to have a say.

To submit comments about the South Park pronghorn herd, please contact Heather Halbritter at 303-291-7367 or email her at Heather.Halbritter@state.co.us

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

Pronghorn Released In Gunnison Basin


GUNNISON, Colo. – The Colorado Division of Wildlife released 62 pronghorn in the Gunnison Basin on Feb. 26 to supplement the population in that area. The release area was about 20 miles southeast of the town of Gunnison.

The animals were trapped earlier in the day on private property in an area northeast of Pueblo where there are an abundance of pronghorn. Hunting is not allowed in that area and the number of pronghorn is over the population management objective set by the DOW. Relocating animals is an established wildlife management technique that is used nationwide.

“It was a win-win situation,” said Brian Dreher, terrestrial biologist with the DOW in the Colorado Springs area. “Gunnison needed some pronghorn to bolster their herds and this area near Pueblo had plenty to spare.”

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Printed copies of 2010 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Regulations Now Available

The printed regulation booklet for Arizona’s 2010 elk and pronghorn antelope hunting seasons are now in license dealer stores and department offices throughout the state. Hunters that are interested in a tag will need to submit an application through the lottery-draw process.


Colorado Division of Wildlife - 300

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Chico Basin Ranch and the Colorado Division of Wildlife have collaborated to offer late season youth pronghorn hunters a unique hunting opportunity during the December pronghorn doe season.

Youth hunters who have an unfilled pronghorn tag from an earlier season are eligible to apply for one of a few limited opportunities to hunt this private ranch.

Chico Basin Ranch is an 87,000-acre property located southeast of Colorado Springs near Hanover in GMU 123.

The ranch will provide a limited number of access permits.

Youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult during the entire hunt.

The late youth-pronghorn second-opportunity hunt is only available to youth hunters with unfilled doe or either-sex pronghorn licenses from earlier seasons.  Youth with unfilled pronghorn buck licenses are not eligible.

Young hunters, age 12-17, with unfilled doe licenses are automatically eligible for a second chance hunt.  Youth hunters with an unfilled either-sex pronghorn licenses must bring their license to a DOW office and get it converted to a doe license before hunting again in December.

The late pronghorn season dates are Dec 5-9.

Interested youth hunters should contact Jonathan Tullar at 719-683-7960 or email at Jonathan@ChicoBasinRanch.com no later than Nov. 23.  Available slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

For a more detailed description of the ranch, you may visit their website at www.chicobasinranch.com

For more information about other late youth pronghorn opportunities, contact your local Division of Wildlife Office.

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us.

Changes to Colorado Big Game Structure

Colorado Division of Wildlife - 300

By DAVE BUCHANAN/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Colorado Wildlife Commission on Thursday adopted the season structure for the 2010-2014 hunting seasons and, except for a few notable changes, left the existing structure pretty much alone.

Colorado again will have four big-game rifle seasons, starting with an elk-only first season, followed by two deer and elk combined seasons, with a final limited deer and elk wrap-up.

Nothing was done in regard to a proposal to swap archery and blackpowder rifle seasons.

The commission adopted what’s being called a hybrid preference point draw. There are several premier elk units, such as 1, 201 and 10, where it takes nearly two decades of preference points to draw a license.

Which means, of course, that even if you started accruing points in the past decade, you’ll never catch up, as the point totals mount each year.

Starting next year, though, every hunter with five or more preference points can enter into an auxiliary random draw, where 20 percent of the licenses will be set aside for any unit requiring 10 or more points to draw.

This includes deer, elk, pronghorn and bear units statewide.

For those hunters not expecting to draw but willing to gamble their first license choice, this opens an interesting realm of possibilities.

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Enter Now for Second Controlled Hunt Drawing



Didn’t draw in the first round? It’s not too late to apply for the second controlled hunt drawing for the unclaimed permits.

The application period for the second drawing for deer, elk and pronghorn hunts runs through August 15. The drawing will be August 20. Any left over permits will go on sale August 25.

The application fee is $6.25 for residents, and $14.75 for nonresidents. Any left over permits will go on sale August 25. Residents began buying general season tags August 1.

Hunters can pick up tags at any license vender in the state, online at http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/licenses/, or by calling 1-800-554-8685.

Get your pronghorn groove on!

FMP BowCastTrophies West.Last year Sean Degrey who is a guide from Trophies West outfitter did an “Antelope Trilogy” with BowCast. If you haven’t listened to the trilogy, you can learn how to effectively hunt trophy antelope.

As part of the trilogy, Trophies West offered all BowCasters to hunt trophy pronghorn in Montana – 5 Day hunt for $999! 


Right now, if you contact Trophies West or Sean (sdegrey@gmail.com) and mention BowCast, you can book a 5 day hunt for only $899! This can be for either the 2009 or 2010 hunting seasons.

I would love to do a little speed goat hunting, if only I could turn that into a family vacation!

Read the full article here.