VDGIF Confirm Elk Restoration to Begin Soon

MISSOULA, Mont.-The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been officially notified that elk restoration efforts in Virginia will begin this spring.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries officials confirmed the news to RMEF, the project’s leading financial contributor with a pledge of $300,000. RMEF leaders say they will now step up local fundraising efforts to ensure the project, once started, continues to move forward and remains on schedule. [Read more…]

Elk Foundation Voices Support for Elk Restoration in Va.

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation today voiced its official support for the concept of restoring elk populations in Virginia, and praised the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for its research and analysis of five proposed alternatives for restoring a species native to the Old Dominion State.

“There is no higher calling in conservation than restoring a native game species to sustainable, hunt-able, balanced populations,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “When the citizens of Wisconsin, Kentucky and Tennessee decided to bring elk back to those parts of their former range, we were there to help, and those successes are among the most rewarding and popular accomplishments in our organization’s history.”

Allen encouraged Virginians to get involved in the process. The public can comment on the agency’s proposals at a series of meetings and online by Aug. 1, 2010. [Read more…]

Virginia Moves Toward Restoring Elk Population

Bull ElkMISSOULA, Mont.—Kentucky’s elk herd runneth over, and Virginia has decided to welcome the overflow and build a sustainable, huntable population of its own.

In August, the governing board of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) voted unanimously to end unmanaged harvest of elk by state deer hunters. For years, any Virginian with a deer permit could shoot an elk wandering across the state line from Kentucky. That practice is expected to officially end this fall.

Additionally, the VDGIF board also moved toward an official elk reintroduction and management plan for southwestern Virginia. [Read more…]