My First Hunting Harvest Part 1

Hunting in Loudoun County, VAMy hunting habit started with a high school buddy of mine, David. He is the guy who truly introduced me to hunting. I had gone hunting for whitetails with him at his family cabin in West Virginia with rifles in the past, but, being a city boy, I could not get the rifle up fast enough to shoot. It always seemed like those deer were running by me and in a hurry to get somewhere other than my freezer!

I may not have been the hotshot gunslinger I had imagined myself as but I was super impressed with the cabin I’d stayed in nonetheless. It reminded me of the prefab cabins in PA which I know are popular amongst those looking to outfit their hunting camps and even their own backyards with additional living space.

A few years went by and while I did not harvest a deer, I did learn several things and my respect for whitetail deer was greatly increased.

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The 54th Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show



The 54th Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show opened this weekend and runs through Sunday February 15th.  Over 1,200 of the best hunting, fishing and outdoor companies, a “try before you buy” archery range and casting pond, great show specials, lots of fun kids’ events, plus exciting special guest including:

Aaron Martin
Al Morris
Alex Rutledge
Bobby Hart
Brian Snowden
Chuck Adams
Eddie Salter
Gregg Day
Gregg Ritz
Larry Weishuhn
Lee & Tiffany Lakosky
Mark Menendez
Matt Morrett
Michael Wadell
Randy Anderson
Randy Oitker
Rick Malik
Rick White
The Benoits
Ward Burton

I met Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, granted it was for 3 minutes, but they were very down-to-earth people! They took the time to answer everyone’s questions, no matter how goofy they were and patient enough to have multiple pictures taken. Tiffany’s Mom was running the register, selling merchandise for their new show “The Crush” and answering her own hunting adventure questions. Let’s hope that they come back next year and maybe bring their friends Don & Kandi Kisky along!

I was very impressed with the Muddy Outdoors gear. They offer three innovative tree stand models, a one-of-a-kind safety harness system (I will review later), and a unique and affordable camera arm. They will soon be releasing what they claim to be “The BEST climbing sticks ever!” They are extremely quiet and easily packable as they snap on to each other. They have a patent pending dual geared steps that provided sure footing. And their revolutionary rope cams replace the old noisy metal buckles and still provide a very stable attachment to the tree. The steps are20” each and 4 of them weigh around 10lbs. They will offer them in a 4 pack and single pack, due out in the summer of this year.

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show costs just $11.50 per advance online purchased ticket, offers no-cost parking at Bass Pro Shops-Harrisburg, PA and features:



  • Great show specials on the gear, tackle and trips to help your next adventure be successful.
  • 1st ever appearances by manufacturers like Thompson Center Arms, Fred Bear Archery, Steelforce broadheads, Leland Lures, Tombob Lures and Sunbuster Sport Enhancement Eyewear.. showcasing new products.
  • Complimentary sampling of recipes featuring venison, elk and trout at the The Taste of the Great Outdoors on Tuesday, February 10th.