Moose, Sheep and Goat Changes Proposed

Idaho Fish and Game proposed changes to moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat rules and seasons for 2011-2012.

The proposed changes will be submitted to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission for considered and action during the annual meeting January 27.

The proposals are available for review and comment from Fish and Game offices and on the Internet at Comments may be entered online, by email to or by mail to Trophy Species Comments, c/o Idaho Fish and Game, P.O. Box 25, Boise ID 83707.

Public comments are due by the end of the day January 14.

Open house public meetings are planned in regions around the state.

5th Annual Georgetown Bighorn Festival

Few animals evoke Colorado’s rugged and unforgiving mountains like the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Yet the vertical terrain that keeps sheep safe from predators also limits opportunities for people to view and appreciate Colorado’s state animal.

A happy exception for wildlife watchers is Georgetown, where the Colorado Division of Wildlife is finalizing preparations for the 5th Annual Georgetown Bighorn Sheep Festival.  Sponsored by CDOW, Historic Georgetown, Inc. with financial support from Great Outdoors Colorado and the Colorado lottery, the festival is timed to coincide with the sheep’s head-clashing mating season. This year’s event will take place Saturday, November 13th. [Read more…]

Huntin’ Fool Updates

Wyoming Preference Points:
The application period for Wyoming preference points is July 1st to Sept. 30th. If you already applied for Moose, Sheep, Elk, Deer, or Antelope and selected the preference point option you cannot purchase an additional point. If you didn’t choose this option or didn’t apply for a specific species you can still obtain a preference point for this year. We highly recommend building points in Wyoming for all species.

If you aren’t going to have time or don’t want to deal with the states’ applications have us apply you, but don’t miss out. You can sign up or learn more about our License Application Service from our website or by calling Jenny at 435-865-1020. [Read more…]

State Results and Deadlines

Draw Results:
Colorado Elk draw results are posted. Results are posted on Colorado’s website We expect Colorado Deer draw results to be posted later this week.

Idaho Sheep, Moose, and Goat draw results are posted. Results are posted on Idaho’s website

Kansas Deer draw results are posted. Results are posted on Kansas’ website

Let us know if you drew and we will add you to the Member Draw and send you a list of members that have drawn previously or an outfitter if you are interested in one. [Read more…]

Wyoming Preference Points



Wyoming Game and Fish is currently accepting applications for Preference Points for antelope, deer, elk, moose, and sheep.


Generally, the applicants with the most Preference Points are the ones who get drawn on the limited licenses, so you it’s highly recommended to maintain Preference Points in states if they are offered.


If you did not already apply for a Wyoming license and pay the Preference Point fee up front, you can apply for Preference Points now between July 1 and September 30.


Antelope = $30

Deer = $40

Elk = $50

Moose = $75

Sheep = $100


Get all the information needed and apply here.


Arizona Big Game Super Raffle July 12




PHOENIX – You still have a chance to win one of the nation’s most prestigious hunts — the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle deadline for 2009 has been extended to July 12.

Here’s your chance to win one of Arizona’s 10 top hunts, while also contributing to wildlife conservation. It’s a win-win for everyone. But Super Raffle mail orders must be received by July 12 and online orders will be accepted at the Arizona Gig Game Super Raffle Web site until 10 p.m. July 12.

The big game tags available in the raffle are for 365 days of hunting almost anywhere in the state during the 2009-2010 hunting season, and ticket prices range from $5 to $25. Raffle tickets are offered for the following species:


  • Elk
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep
  • Buffalo
  • Antelope
  • Turkey (Merriam’s or Goulds)
  • Coues Whitetail
  • Mule Deer
  • Javelina
  • Black Bear
  • Mountain Lion

You can also get tickets for the incredible “Swarovski Optics Package” (This package will include the 15×56 SLC binoculars, 10×42 El binoculars, STS-80 spotting scope, Swarovski Rangefinder and 4x12x50 rifle scope) valued at more than $5,000. The money raised from the optics package is used to defray the costs of the raffle itself. All the money raised from the hunt raffle tickets goes directly to wildlife management efforts.

Arizona offers some of the best trophy opportunities in North America for each of these species.  A quick review of both the Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books will confirm this.  (Click for B&C and P&Y websites). If you are after a truly huge mule deer, elk, antelope, Coues deer, desert bighorn sheep, or buffalo, then Arizona is where you need to be.  The only huntable population of Gould’s turkeys in the United States exists in southern Arizona and can be hunted with the raffled turkey tag.

Remember, hunters are the original conservationists and have financed most of the wildlife conservation efforts in the United States for the past century. This raffle is just another creative way to raise money for these remarkable conservation efforts. It’s a proud and successful heritage.

For more information visit