Sunday Hunting in Virginia House

Sunday Huting Coalition

Your action is needed to preserve hunting in Virginia. The bill to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting will be heard this WEDNESDAY EVENING (Feb. 1) in the Natural Resources subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee. It is imperative that these members hear from you telling them to support hunter and property rights — vote YES on HB 921. Please call and email each member of the subcommittee, then visit to email your own Delegate. [Read more…]

Sunday Hunting Push Has Arrived


The time is NOW!

Last Summer at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show you expressed support for the effort to increase hunter access to the woods through lifting of the current Sunday hunting restrictions.  In January 2012 the Virginia Senate and House will be deciding whether or not to give you the freedom to participate on the 7th day in an activity that is legal and safe the other 6 days of the week.  The Sunday hunting restrictions are the last hold-out of the blue laws and dates back to the rule of the British Crown.

The Virginia Sunday Hunting Coalition and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have established a method for you to let the Governor and your Senator and Delegate know that you support a change in the law.  It is a few easy clicks and typing in your address to let them know you want them to act.

You can go here to let them know where you want your legislators to stand:

The grass roots effort is continuing to grow and has over 2,800 members.  You can click here to get updates during this critical phase and find out where we need to focus on the AG Committees:

The change in the law would not tell anyone that they MUST participate in Sunday hunting, we only ask that the woods be shared equally with the freedom and liberty to choose.
Thank you for getting involved and please feel free to forward on to fellow hunters!

Matthew O’Brien
facebook group “Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All”

Sunday Hunting For VA

Getting an early set up for the Sunday hunting push for next year. We have garnered national spotlight (NRA, NSSF, Cabela’s, etc.) and support this year. This is a first for us and all indications are that this was due to the grass roots effort in Virginia that brought them on board and it isn’t going away.

Priority 1:
Educate the public
* Use of Dogs while hunting bear, raccoon and fox on Sunday is legal, traditional hunting is not
* Many Virginians are not aware that hunting opportunity on Sunday is restricted to dog chase hunting. In most conversations you will find that people are shocked and think this is illogical
* Call in to radio talk shows
* Try and contact your local or regional paper and see if there is any interest in running a story
* Get the word out that the Sunday strangle hold is being held by the minority of hunters, most hunters now support Sunday hunting
* Hunting is far safer than other outdoor activities such horseback riding. Horseback riders are 20 times more likely to suffer injury than a motorcycle rider. [Read more…]

Sunday Hunting Bill Rejected by Senate and House

Time to get reorganized for the next round.

Stay tuned, I will keep you posted on actvities. This is the first year that a vote was ever held, that I am aware of. It is a step further than anytime in the past, Sunday hunting is going to happen although it will apparently be a multiple year process.

Wanna Hunt On Sundays?

Tomorrow on Monday, January 31, 2011, the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee of the Virginia State Senate will consider Senate Bill 850, which seeks to allow hunters in Virginia the freedom to hunt on Sundays.

In Virginia, as well as in the 10 other states that restrict or prohibit Sunday hunting, all other sporting activities, like golfing, fishing, skiing and so on, are allowed. The isolation of hunting seems unreasonable.

As you probably know, hunting and associated industries are the largest financial supporters of wildlife conservation throughout the United States, contributing billions of dollars to habitat conservation and wildlife management. We all have a vested interest in preserving our country’s outdoor heritage.

If you’re interested in increasing hunting opportunities in Virginia and across the country, we encourage you to weigh in by contacting the appropriate committee members in the Virginia Senate ahead of Monday’s hearing. Their names and numbers are listed below.  [Read more…]

This Isn’t Over Yet!

All of the members of the Natural Resources Committee voted against the bill except for Lynwood Lewis, the Delegate from Accomac.

That makes the following Delegates as obstacles to getting Sunday hunting: [Read more…]

Senate Ag Committee Meeting

It is looking like Monday January 31st is going to be the big day. The full committee is going to open to comment Senate Bill to 850 Sunday Hunting. I am being told that this is the day to fill the room with supporters. A good showing can make the difference and help with our effort to drown out the opposition. I have posted a discussion topic where you can post your intent to attend on that day.

We have already gotten word that the following are NO votes: [Read more…]

Action Alert – Need to get those emails out!

The following are the list of pertinent email addresses that you can cut and paste into an email to help influence the Senate and Ag Committee. We need to continue to be louder than the opposition, they are gathering their own support and the momentum of decades are in their favor.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Agriculture&,,, [Read more…]