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Testing Hilleberg Soulo

Testing Hilleberg Soulo, Exped Mat, Valandre Mirage

A few years back I was on a hunting trip and it took us several days to get into the elk. But, it was late in the day and we didn’t want to spoil our chances for the next day. So, we made the decision to back out and hit again in the morning. After marking our location on the GPS, we realized that we were almost 6 miles from camp. We discussed whether to head back to camp and make the hike back with only a few hours rest. Or do we just rough it on the ground and get an early start on the elk, we chose the latter.  [Read more…]

Winded Bowhunter Continues Partnership with Global Rescue

Global Rescue For HuntersWinded Bowhunter is excited to announce its continued partnership with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical advisory, field rescue and medical evacuation services for hunters. [Read more…]

Winter Dehydration

Winded Bowhunter Sitka HydrationMost people think that dehydration occurs only during the hot temperature months of the year. You can suffer from dehydration in during the winter when temps dip to frigid temps!

It’s very easy to become dehydrated in the winter, especially if you’re participating in activities such as backcountry skiing, hiking, snowshoeing or hunting and the like. In fact, dehydration can occur faster in cold temps due to the fact that the air you are breathing in drier. [Read more…]

Mountain House In Buckets

Mountain House Just In Case Bucket ClassicYou asked and Mountain House listened! Mountain House is proud to introduce 2 new “Just in Case…” pouch assortments in super-convenient buckets, perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, backpacking or at-home use!

What makes these buckets so special? [Read more…]

SPOT Messenger Review

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

This SPOT Personal Tracker device is the world’s first satellite messenger. Leveraging both GPS satellite and SPOT’s own network, the device is able to report its location to friends and family even in areas without cellular or wireless coverage and it is a wonderful tool for the backcountry hunter or camper to give friends, family and yourself the peace of mind to dive off into the deep stuff and have the knowledge that you will be picked up should things go terribly wrong. As well you can track your progress and for those days where you go around in circles, you can look back on your journey and laugh. The tracking tool is an amazing feature and really worth the extra money for this top of the line product. [Read more…]

Where is SPOT?


SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

The SPOT offers an affordable alternative to personal locator beacons, satellite phones and cell-based GPS trackers. SPOT provides virtually full coverage in North America, Europe, and Australia, portions of South America, northern Africa and northeastern Asia. It achieves this by leveraging both the GPS and SPOT’s own networks.

The basic specifications of SPOT Messenger (Newer Model) are: [Read more…]

A Good Reason Not To Run – Pack Bear Spray

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent

Research in Alaska indicates that bear spray reduces the number of bears killed in self-defense and reduces human injuries caused by bears.

“Bear spray has been used successfully to prevent injury to humans and bears,” said Tom Smith, an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University in Utah who studied bear spray while he was a wildlife ecologist at the USGS Alaska Biological Science Center in Anchorage.

In addition, Smith believes, after analyzing thousands of bear attacks and people’s responses that bear spray also benefits people by giving them a reason not to run away.

Of 42 cases where people ran when confronted by a bear, only two bears left without further interaction. In the other cases, bears chased the fleeing people and in some instances attacked and mauled them. [Read more…]

Hunting in Bear Country

Here is another very useful from South Cox on “Hunting in Bear Country”.For me I think that we need to change our habits while in backcountry. While I do believe that there is an increase in bear populations, I also believe there is an indirect correlation to bear sightings or encounters.

This would have to do with the climate change, not necessarily “Global Warming.”The relation I believe, is that in the northwest (at least) where the cooler months are getting shorter, bears are are going into hibernation later. So, we as hunters, hikers and backpackers may encounter more bears during the early fall times with the bears eating on carcasses, last bit of bugs, berries, roots and the like. This is just a theory of course, as I am no way a biologist!

Following the bear mauling I experienced, you’d probably expect that I’d take every precaution available to avoid a repeat.  Because of the circumstances of the mauling: surprising the mother and cubs at close range, inside her comfort zone, I haven’t changed the way I spend my time in bear country much.  I recognize that it was really a freak accurance and that not every bear has intentions of making a snack out of me.  I don’t always hang my food, as recommended, but when I’m leaving my basecamp unoccupied I do.  I try not to stash food in my tent where I sleep, though I’m not as diligent about it as I should be.  I carry pepper spray, though I don’t have as much faith in the new stuff as the old.  I give sows with cubs a WIDE berth (which is probably the most significant habit I have changed).  I don’t carry a side arm, too much weight and not legal in many states during the archery season.  I think my encounter was one of those “struck by lightning” chance happenings.  I literally don’t loose any sleep over another encounter.

Read the full article here.

Introduction to Bivouac and Backcountry Bow Hunting

The backcountry bowhunter who wrote this article is extremely knowledgeable on the bivy style hunting. Here is a teaser from last years first post on his blog.

South Cox’s goal in his blog is to help us learn the ropes of backcountry hunting. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never spent the night out in the wilderness, I think there will be something for everyone. I invite your questions, comments and critiques. The first several entries I plan on covering gear choices in greater detail than I was able to cover on the podcast. After that Ill go into some specifics about mule deer hunting in the alpine. As I get input and feedback, the blogs will likely take off on other tangents of the readers interests.

Read the full article here.

Lost Snowboarder Found Alive in the Alps via Phone GPS, Twitter

alpsRecently, some snowboarders got lost in the alps. The guy with the iPhone, Jason Tavaria, used the phone’s GPS to aid his rescue. Tragically, his friend did not make it.

Rescuers found the second lost person’s body at the bottom of a +60 foot fall next to a stream. The lost snowboarders’ friends kept in touch via twitter. It appears that while these skiers and snowboarders went off piste, none of them carried any sort of radio or satellite personal locator beacons, like the moderately priced SPOT. I mean, if you’re in the back country, chances are your cellular reception isn’t so great. The guy with the iPhone got off lucky being pretty close to a resort. Although the GPS function in any phone would work well in an open area to get someone reoriented. Either way, be safe during these storms, friends.

Read the entire article here.