3 Tips for Whitetail Hunters Who Dream of Chasing Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.-Elk: The official daydream of whitetail hunters everywhere.

But hunting deer and hunting elk are, typically, two distinct disciplines within North American big game hunting. Different skill sets and expectations are required. For some hunters, different equipment might also be needed. If that’s the case, it might be worth looking into other Archery And Bow Hunting supplies to make sure the hunter has the best possible chance of killing some of these elks. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation offers three tips to help new elk hunters make the transition from fantasy to reality.

Brandon Bates, host of “RMEF Team Elk” on Outdoor Channel, is familiar with the dream. He grew up in southern Louisiana chasing white-tailed deer with gun and bow. Like thousands of his counterparts across the country, Bates spent countless quiet hours in low-country treestands while imagining snowy peaks, alpine meadows, dark timber basins-and giant bulls. [Read more…]