Virginia Passes Joint Resolution Funding

Congressional Sportsmens Foundation

Last week, the Virginia Senate passed a resolution (Senate Joint Resolution No. 210), celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the incredibly successful Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, a primary component of the American System of Conservation Funding.

“For 75 years the sportsmen and women of this nation have provided the vast majority of the funds necessary for our state fish and wildlife agencies to perform important conservation work. Their continued support has resulted in the abundant fish and wildlife populations that all citizens are able to enjoy today,” said Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr., Chief Patron of the resolution and Co-Chair of the Virginia Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. “This is a story that needs to be told; credit should be given where credit is due.” [Read more…]

CSF and Idaho Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council Awarded Idaho Wolf Tags

Copy of Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus

September 25, 2009 (Washington, DC) – The Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSF) was recently awarded Idaho Wolf Conservation Tag Number One, and the Idaho Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council (ISCAC) was awarded tag number six for use during the 2009 inaugural gray wolf hunting season.

The commemorative wolf tags, series one through 10, are being released in the inaugural season to recognize wildlife management success and to help promote gray wolf management in Idaho.

“We are grateful to the Idaho Department of Fish & Wildlife for this honor, and CSF is dedicated to optimizing the return on these tags and doing our part to help raise awareness and generate revenue to continue the work of the department in management of the Idaho gray wolf population,” said CSF President Jeff Crane.

The tags were awarded to CSF and ISCAC based on a detailed evaluation of proposals submitted by various sportsmen’s and wildlife conservation groups by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, including potential to maximize revenues for wolf conservation and management on behalf of the Department.

“CSF and the Idaho Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council will play in important role in this commemorative event in state history,” said Cal Groen, Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. “Fund raising efforts provided by both organizations will help Idaho generate proceeds for wolf management and raise awareness of another example of how hunters have been the foundation for wildlife conservation and management in North America.”

CSF and ISCAC will auction both tags with the proceeds from the auctions going to Idaho to help offset much of the cost associated with wolf management including population monitoring, law enforcement, public education, enhanced deer/elk/moose monitoring, and research, Idaho’s management of wolves including regulated hunting, to ensure that gray wolves remain a lasting legacy on Idaho’s landscape for future generations.

“We know the wild game hunters who support CSF will push each other out of the way to get this once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt a gray wolf in the beautiful state of Idaho,” said Crane.

The #1 tag is for sale during a live auction at the Richard Childress Wine Wheels and Wildlife event on October 14, 2009. The #6 tag is for sale during the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses Annual meeting on October 29, 2009. Phone lines will be available for off-site bidders at both events. For more information about bids towards the wolf tags, please contact Gary Guinn at 202-543-6907 ext. 24.