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Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo


As some of you head out for your elk hunt this year or begin packing for your upcoming backcountry hunts, hopefully you use a checklist of some sort. I have a spreadsheet with all of my gear on it with multiple columns. The columns dictate the type of hunt, then all I need to do check the items as I pack them and as a bonus, it spits out the total weight of what my pack should weigh. [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Reflections

I am not sure what would shut the elk vocalizing after 2 ½ days, could it have been the forestry guys? Maybe!  Could it have been wolves? How about a mountain lion? We saw both tracks while hunting. But, I talked to a few other guys that hunt the same zone about 20 miles apart from where we were and they experienced the same thing on the same days.

It was a good hunt, not only to challenge myself, test new gear and but in taking a greenhorn on this type of adventure. Even though Greg was not physically or mentally prepared we were able to adjust the hunt to his abilities and made the best of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Greg will be signing up to join any of my backcountry experiences unless there is are horses involved and porta potty! [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Last Day

Greg at Almond's Spill

We woke up early, packed camp on our backs and headed west to hunt our way back from whence we came. We ran into the Forestry Contractor again and talked with their team leader Andrew for a bit. We talked about conservation, hiking, hunting and the like. I found it interesting that nobody in the group hunted. But, yet we were all on the same page in the goal of keeping wild areas wild! Andrew informed me that they would not be back in this area for at least another 3 years. My mind was already starting to work on the next trip out here. [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 6

We woke up very early pack up camp and hunt while hiking back to the area that I wanted to hunt. What was nice was we found a trail that would take us near the area I wanted to hunt, so it was a little less like the NFL Combine Obstacle Course! [Read more…]

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