WTU’s 2013 Deer Camp Tour Schedule Set

Whitetails Unlimited

The schedule for Whitetails Unlimited’s 2013 Deer Camp Tour of special banquets has been released, and tickets are now available online. All 20 of last year’s events are back on the 2013 schedule, along with three new Deer Camps, one each in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

“These events are held in great venues, with great food, outstanding prizes, and once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing trips,” said Dave Hawkey, Whitetails Unlimited’s VP of field operations. “Industry support of the Deer Camp Tour remains very, very strong, and this results in the Deer Camps having high quality guns, merchandise, travel destinations, and outdoor artwork.” [Read more…]

Signs Still Available For Landowners & Hunters

Project POLITE 001

Project POLITE (Permission Of Landowner In order To Enter) is Whitetails Unlimited’s long-running program to encourage cooperation and respect between hunters and landowners. The popular program supplies bright green Hunting With Permission signs to landowners, providing potential hunters with a name and phone number to contact for permission to hunt on posted land. The second component, the Hunter-Landowner ID Card, is an easy way to exchange names, addresses and phone numbers, greatly increasing the trust and understanding for both parties.