The Importance of Diet for Preparing for a Hunt and Everyday Training

Outdoor Solutions’ Founder Greg Ray and Wilderness Athlete’s Kevin Guillen discuss the importance of maintaining a proper diet and the role supplements play in preparing for a rigorous big-game hunt and everyday health.

The most rewarding hunts often require your best fitness levels

By Greg Ray, Outdoor Solutions & Kevin Guillen, Wilderness Athlete

Outdoor Solutions’ Greg Ray:
“You can’t out train a bad diet,” are wise words from my friend Kevin Guillen from Wilderness Athlete, and I have found these words to be very true. Training alone without controlling your food intake will severely undercut achieving the full potential of your body. When we go afield hunting, we need to be in top form, and that means eating a healthy diet to complement a fitness routine.

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Kristy Titus Renews with Wilderness Athlete

Kristy TitusBend, Oregon – Kristy Titus, NRA certified instructor, host of NRA News I Am Forever, and Cabela’s Ambassador, is honored to renew a two-year partnership with Wilderness Athlete, The Authority on Outdoor Performance Nutrition®. As an NPC figure competitor and certified nutritionist, Titus is very familiar with utilizing nutritional supplements to fuel her body for strenuous physical activity, both in the gym and during western self-guided hunts. [Read more…]

From The Hospital Bed To The Gym

Eric Smith Wilderness AthleteThere are a variety of reasons people use Wilderness Athlete® nutritional products.. Hunters use Wilderness Athlete to stay in shape for hunting season. Some use them to keep themselves fueled while they are fishing, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking or training for an endurance race.. Eric Smith from Reno, Nevada started using Wilderness Athlete products because he wanted to lose a lot of weight so he would be able to do outdoor activities like hunt with his son. “In May 2011, I was very ill and was hospitalized for a week or so. They never figured out what was wrong with me but I was extremely heavy. When I got out of the hospital, I decided I needed to lose weight. My son was only two years old at the time and I feared I wouldn’t be able to do things with him if I didn’t get into shape,” Smith said. [Read more…]

Best Gear Protection

This is what I use to protect my most important gear!

 What do you trust your most important gear to?

Wilderness Athlete Unveils Meal Replacement Shakes

Wilderness Athlete Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake - ChocolateWilderness Athlete is proud to unveil their new Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake for outdoorsmen who are looking to lose or maintain their current body weight.

Outdoorsmen often work hard during the summer to lose weight to prepare for the fall hunting season, only to gain weight as hunting season ends and the holiday season begins. The Wilderness Athlete meal replacement shake can help hunters lose excess body weight and stay lean and mean year round. [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Reflections

I am not sure what would shut the elk vocalizing after 2 ½ days, could it have been the forestry guys? Maybe!  Could it have been wolves? How about a mountain lion? We saw both tracks while hunting. But, I talked to a few other guys that hunt the same zone about 20 miles apart from where we were and they experienced the same thing on the same days.

It was a good hunt, not only to challenge myself, test new gear and but in taking a greenhorn on this type of adventure. Even though Greg was not physically or mentally prepared we were able to adjust the hunt to his abilities and made the best of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Greg will be signing up to join any of my backcountry experiences unless there is are horses involved and porta potty! [Read more…]