Sitka Gear Goes Fanatical

Sitka Gear Fanatic with Primaloft 1An Abundance of Features Make the Fanatic the Flagship Piece for Whitetail Hunters

NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, introduces the Fanatic Jacket, Vest and Bibs featuring the Optifade Forest concealment pattern.  This marquee product offering has been specifically and scientifically designed for the hardcore whitetail hunter.

A key design feature on the Fanatic Jacket is its diagonal zipper design, which allows for a kangaroo pocket for hunters to keep their hands warm and ready for that next shot.  This feature also places the zipper on the hunter’s shoulder and not in front of their chin.

The NEW Fanatic Vest takes the versatility of the Fanatic series to the next level.  As the temperatures rise and the Fanatic Jacket layer is removed, the Vest allows for the hunter to still have all of the unique features that they are familiar with on the Fanatic Jacket.  By being able to remain comfortable in the conditions at hand, yet having the high end features the Fanatic series keeps the hunter in the tree longer, increasing their chances of success. [Read more…]

Sitka Gear Heats Up With Its Duck Oven

Sitka Gear Duck Oven Jacket

Create the Ultimate Seal of Warmth and Dryness between Your Jacket and Waders

NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, introduces the Duck Oven Jacket, which is another one of the premium items that makes up its new Waterfowl System.  With Traverse fabric on the bottom third, it makes tucking in to your waders seamless and non-restricting, allowing for maximum performance on your next hunt.

The new line of performance waterfowl gear from Sitka Gear utilizes the all new GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Marsh Pattern.  By uniting the wind protection of WINDSTOPPER fabric and the lightweight insulating qualities of Primaloft, the Duck Oven Jacket creates the ultimate jacket that provides warmth and protection from the harsh late season winds. [Read more…]

Sitka Gear Hudson Jacket

Sitka Gear Hudson Insulated Jacket

NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, adds the Hudson Jacket to its new and premium designed waterfowl system. Staying toasty and dry on late season pursuits is critical to staying mentally sharp enough to make the next shot. By addressing these needs Sitka has the waterfowler’s interests in mind.

The new line of performance waterfowl gear from Sitka Gear utilizes the all new GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Marsh Pattern.  The Hudson Jacket addresses the needs of late season waterfowler who routinely travels across ice coated waters.  The combination of
GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable fabric protection and reliable Primaloft insulation make the Hudson a must for the discerning late season waterfowler. [Read more…]

Sitka Gear Turns Fowl


Sitka Gear Marsh Waterfowl

It’s hard to believe that Sitka Gear could revolutionize yet another hunting gear segment! They have teamed up with GORE once again to develop an OPTIFADE pattern for the waterfowl hunter, yes that’s right I said, “waterfowl hunter”! Like OPTIFADE Open Country and Forest, GORE OPTIFADE Marsh pattern is a digital concealment, not mimicry. Rather than trying to make the hunter look like something, the pattern’s intent is to make the hunter appear to be nothing to the animal.  The OPTIFADE pattern is designed for the ground use for all waterfowl hunting. The Marsh pattern is detailed as possible to confuse bird vision.   [Read more…]

GORE OPTIFADE European Style

W.L. Gore & Associates, a leading manufacturer of advanced technology products including GORE-TEX® branded products, today announced that it has developed GORE® OPTIFADE Concealment “ the first visual concealment technology based on how deer and other hoofed animals see, both spatially and colorimetrically.  In Europe, W.L. Gore is partnering with Harkila, Chevalier (Scandinavia) and Beretta (Italy) manufacturers of high-performance clothing for hunters, to bring the new technology to market in 2010. [Read more…]

Sitka Gear’s Incinerator Line Continues Evolution

Sitka GearBozeman, MT. Sitka Gear, has introduced the Incinerator Muff for 2011 to compliment the Incinerator line of products. Staying mentally sharp is always critical for success, thinking about how cold your hands are can destroy mental acuity completely. High heat to weight ratio synthetic insulation paired with Gore Windstopper protection keeps your hands toasty when the wind chill dips and maintains the dexterity needed to allow you to not only make that shot of the season, but also keep you safer as you climb in and out the stand. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit Day 4

The morning came early and the last of my deer camp pals gathering all of their gear to catch their early flights back to their homes and we were about a 2 hour drive the Philly airport. I opted to not hunt at all and organize my gear, partake in the beautiful surroundings and reflect on the past few days.

[Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit Day 2

We were up early, ate a quick breakfast and checked out of the hotel by 7am. We were then shuttled to the GORE facilities in Elkton, Maryland. This is the actual testing and production plant so we were not allowed to take photos. As this is where the process of how Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) is made into different laminates.

One of the key “take-a-way” from the GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit was learning about the science of ePTFE and the making of garments waterproof and breathable. This science applied to all forms of outerwear. That makes this information is very useful for any outdoor consumer, to assist in making correct garment purchases.

Get out your pocket protectors and prepare for Geekdom! [Read more…]

Do You Know Gore?


I’ve been invited to a multi-day blogger summit at the W.L. GORE facility.  This to get a behind the scenes look at the GORE Campus and some scientific education on their products. Some of the products that you may know:


So, if you have any questions that you would like for me to ask them, share them here! The questions can be on the development of the camouflage pattern, the company’s carbon footprint to what’s next from GORE.

Just post your question here on my blog by Tuesday (11.17.10), I will relay the top questions and post replies here for you!