Western Bear Foundation Commissioner Tag Fundraising Raffle

Check out the 2021 Fundraising Raffle!

We hope you have a chance to support the Western Bear Foundation and their work on the ground by buying a raffle ticket.

1st Winner
Your choice of deer, elk, or antelope tag in any open unit for Wyoming’s 2021 hunting season. You pick a species and the unit and you can hunt. No waiting to accumulate points! This is your chance at a trophy of a lifetime from one of Wyoming’s premier units!

2nd Winner
Western Bear Foundation Custom Browning X-Bolt Long Range – .300PRC

3rd Winner
Complete Stone Glacier M5 Series Rain Gear-Jacket & Pant

4th Winner
Custom Western Bear Foundation 75qt Big Frig Cooler

Only 300 tickets will be sold!

You have greater odds in this raffle than in most draws.
*Western Bear Foundation will cover the Non-Resident tag fees for the winner if out of state. Please share with everyone you can, before these ticket sell out!

Wyoming Receives $7.2 Million for Conservation Work


MISSOULA, Mont. — The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners awarded $7,256,274 of grant funding in Wyoming to enhance wildlife habitat, scientific research and hunting opportunities. RMEF directly granted $340,471 and leveraged an additional $6,915,803 in partner funding.

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Increase in wildlife-based recreation contributes more to Wyoming economy in 2017

Wyoming Hunter

Cheyenne – Hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers in Wyoming contributed more than $1 billion to Wyoming’s economy during 2017, according to a new analysis by the University of Wyoming. It’s a 2.3 percent increase from 2016 due to more people heading outdoors.

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Wyoming Grizzly Bear Hunting Regulations

Here is what you need to know!

Wyoming Grizzly Bear RegulationsWyoming Grizzly Bear Hunting Draft Regulations where released.  We have been following this for some time and are pleased with the work put in to get these regulations out this year. If all goes as planned the first Grizzly Bear Hunt in Wyoming in over 40 years will take place this fall.  We have studied the regulations and broke out the key points below. [Read more…]

Wyoming Project Secures Access to 47,000 Acres of Public Land

MISSOULA, Mont.—Hunters, anglers, hikers and those who enjoy other forms of outdoor recreation will benefit from a recent Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation project in Wyoming. [Read more…]

BHA Rallies Public Lands Sportsmen in Wyoming

Backcountry Hunters & AnglersCASPER, Wyo. – This afternoon on the banks of the North Platte River, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ president and CEO exhorted a crowd of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to stand united against efforts to divest Americans of the nation’s public lands and waters.

Hundreds of public lands advocates traveled to east-central Wyoming to attend the Casper rally. Taking place only days before a pivotal presidential election and barely a week after a federal jury in Oregon acquitted radical anti-public-lands activists who staged an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the event was charged with a sense of urgency as speakers addressed threats to U.S. public lands, the outdoor opportunities they represent and the economic vitality they currently offer. [Read more…]

Wyoming Grizzly Hunting Regulations

Grizzly BearTo all,
The time again has come to attend meetings and comment online, this time it is for the proposed Grizzly Bear Hunting Season and Regulations in Wyoming.  I have attached the draft plan, its pretty short and sweat with a lot of language included that indicates that Wyoming is going to be very adamant about managing grizzly bears to ensure they do not end back on the list, This is a good thing!

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WY Self Guided Archery Antelope Hunt

Archery Only Consultants - Antelope
The following Self-guided archery antelope is available at a discount! There are a couple options on this hunt, so pay close attention:

6 day archery antelope only (crossbows are legal)
Exclusive access to a 3000 acre ranch near Newcastle, Wy
Property orientation by the owners
One buck antelope
Add a doe antelope for only $100! [Read more…]

Who Likes Leftovers?

Wyoming Game & Fish Dept

Wyoming’s leftover tags go on sale this morning, July 6th at 8am Mountain Time.  The reduced priced leftovers tags go on sale July 20th.

There are a few good antelope tags available for units that have very limites access issues, if this is your cup tea, you better belly up to table!


2011 Archery Antelope Lease Available


Kieth has an 3000 acre Eastern WY lease available for the 2011 Archery Season.  The past two years I have had 100% shooting opportunities with 75% true success!

The terrain is a combination of open prairie grass, hayfields, and timber pockets.  Motel lodging is available nearby (15 minute drive).

The hunt includes the following:

6 full days of hunting
Exclusive access (no one else will be hunting)
Property orientation

Hunt cost: $800 per hunter plus tag.

This is a great place for 2-3 archery buddies to come and enjoy a PRIVATE LAND HUNT! Available dates are Sept. 10-30th.  The photo above was taken of an archery kill on this ranch in 2009.

Call Keith ASAP if you are interested!

Keith Hartman
Adventures West Recreation/Archery Only Consultants
P.O. Box 2675
Paso Robles, CA 93447