HUNT DIY Featuring Zach Bowhay

HUNTDIY with Zach BowhayWestern Hunter is excited to share Zach Bowhay’s new comprehensive hunting resource, HUNT DIY, in a special section on the Western Hunter blog.

HUNT DIY is your source for do-it-yourself, Western big game hunting, strategies and tactics.

Follow Zach and team as they explain the preparation, gear, and tactics they use to execute hunts across the west.

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So, watch this video:

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Interview with Zach Bowhay

Zach Bowhay Mountain GoatZach, how long have you been hunting?
I have been hunting big game since I turned 12 the legal hunting age in Idaho so almost 20 years now. I shot my first deer with a bow 2 days after I turned 12. I have really been hunting though ever since I was old enough for my parents to turn me loose with a pellet gun. I would be up on the hill above the house shooting rabbits and birds. I started shooting a bow when I was 4 years old as well and not long after I was shooting ground squirrels with my bow. [Read more…]