The ATA Headspin

ATA 2012

Well, it’s been a few crazy weeks since the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show. It was really great to place a face with a name, make the handshake with world famous outdoorsman and outdoorswomen like Jason Matzinger (Into High County), Tim Burnett (Solo Hunter TV), and Chris Denham (Western Hunter & Elk Hunter Magazines), Tracy Breen (man, myth, legend!), Mark Seacat (Seacat Creative), Jeff Simpson (Fencepost Films), Collin Cottrell (C3 Engage), Dan Staton (Train to Hunt), The BowCast Crew (next time I will pick the lunch location!), Tim Endsley (Bad Medicine Archery), Douglas Gilmer (Backcountry Chaplain), Trevon Stolzfus (Outback Outdoors), to name a few! (Is this considered name dropping?!)

There is more to ATA, then handshake picture taking with hunting celebrities. Some of the benefits of attending ATA are to see, touch, use the latest gear coming to the archery and hunting market. There were so many new products at ATA, I could only stop to really inquire about a few. Below is a list of my 5 favorite new products from ATA 2012!

Full Flight Technology Velocitip Ballistic System (broadhead, arrow trajectory)
Sitka Gear
Hamskea Versa Rest
Don’t Choke Archery True Shot Coach
Covert Camera Special Ops Code Black

Since the show we are now a dealer for the following companies:
Big & J
Caribou Gear
True Shot Coach
First Lite
Global Rescue > enter the CDC code WindedBowhunter when subscribing
Nose Jammer
Yo Buddy Targets
…and a few others that are in the works stay tuned!

We’ll also be setup at the Eastern Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation (ECWSF) February 16-18th, stop by and see us!

Look for our new advertisement in the upcoming issues of Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines!

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